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RE: Detoxing
(12-06-2014 05:43 PM)markymark Wrote:  Hi James,

I have debates from time to time with people on FB about natural remedies etc.. for certain ailments etc.. I have a friend who constantly bashes alternative medicine and what quackery it is so the latest one is the my that detoxing your body isnt possible and that those who promote it are scammers.

Can you address this yourself or with any other scientific or studies to show the truth either way?


Depends a lot on what parts of the body is being referred to. A laxative herb can cleanse the colon for example. And herbs or supplements can be used to make the liver work more effectively, which in turn can help the liver work better in detoxifying excess hormones, which are toxic. For example, digestive bitters or trimethylglycine can be used for this purpose. Bitters also help the gallbladder to increase bile release in to the gallbladder and bile expulsion from the gallbladder preventing a dangerous build up of bile cholesterol that can lead to stone formation.
01-04-2015 02:26 AM
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