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James, no info on this on CZ or here - Cushing
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James, no info on this on CZ or here - Cushing
Respected James/Hveragerthi,

Finally, I found something that explains everything that I have and ties in with my history and my signs and symptoms.

- Puffy face
- Fat concentrated on my belly, back, chest, upper back shoulders; skinny arms and legs
- Muscle weakness
- thin skin that bruises easily
- Darkened skin in spots; get hyperpigmentation especially after cuts, bruises and zits
- Long time to heal from cuts, bruises etc; easy bruising
- Red/purple stretch marks
- heavy sweating
- never feel like I actually "wake up".
- enormous increase in body hair (I'm a male, but hair(ier) arms and legs and all over the body as well.
- high blood pressure
- chronic nasal congestion
- loss of libido, some erectile dysfunction
- dizziness upon standing up
- hemorrhoids

It ties in with my history

- Smoking cigarettes/weed for ~16 years (1 pack a day). I quit smoking cigarettes 10 months ago, but still smoke weed almost everyday.
-I used to take the real sudafed. Probably took like 60 tabs over a period of 3 months or so. This was 7-8 years ago.
- Staying up and sleeping irregularly and inconsistently. Sometimes I stay up all night and sleep during the day and sometimes I sleep during the nights and stay up during the day.

Other weird things I've noticed, plus side notes

- I used to drink coffee regularly (1 cup at night usually, rarely 2 cups) of strong brewed coffee. Over the last few months, 1/8 cup of weak instant coffee will have me wired for 12 hours or so. It also gives me pimple the next day. Even drinking a 16 oz bottle of Coke or diet Coke will give me zits in 3-4 days. Like I said, 1 cup will give me a couple of pimples next day.
- I tried flonase, a steroid nasal spray, for a couple of months 6-7 years ago.
- Jock itch (just mentioning this because ketoconazole is prescribed for Cushing's)

As far as my labs go, my blood sugar is 80-100. Before my sensitivity to caffeine it used to be 110-125. Cortisol has actually been on the lower side, surprisingly, but they were drawn at weird times of the day. I don't even know what the "normal" time of the day is for me since I have a weird work schedule.

I don't find a lot of info on the treatment and was wondering if you can help me with this.

What kind of herbs can I buy for Cushings? Individually and/or a package? Any recommended capsules, tablets, powders that will cure this problems?


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RE: James, no info on this on CZ or here - Cushing
Support adrenal glands by adaptogenic herbs especially Siberian ginseng (no more than 250 mg), stop drinking coffee and smoking weed. Avoid stress as much as possible and sleep well every night. Check your thyroid gland.

I am not James.
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12-28-2014 01:51 PM
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