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Blastocystis & Helicobacter pylori
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Blastocystis & Helicobacter pylori
I have both Blasto & H.Pylori

I have been trying many things from

- GAPS diet
- Donna Gates Food Combining
- Mastic Gum
- Monolaurin
- Serrapetase
- Sulfurane
- Digestive Enzymes
- Bovine colostrum
- Probiotics (kefir & sauerkraut)
- Fulvic Acid
- Essential oils (oregano, lemongrass etc)
- High Dose liposomel encapsulated Vitamin C
- as well as many other supplements…

it is really hard for me to know what is right and what is working. I feel like none of it its working. My symptoms are severe bloating (4 months pregnant bloated belly like a balloon, aching belly, gurgling noises, depression, fatigue and also Lichen Simplex Chronicus).

I have been a vegetarian for some while (also do not eat dairy, soy, grains, gluten etc) & own a 100% organic cafe & my brother owns a company making organic raw sauerkraut & coconut kefir in Australia so i eat a lot of that.

After much inner debate and research i have decided to give GAPS diet a go (chicken broth and vege soup no nuts/seeds/raw fruit/raw veg etc). What do you think of this diet, i do believe it will heal the gut lining but will it kill the parasite?

I have also contacted professor who have strongly suggested either Triple Therapy Anti-biotics or NTZ (another antibiotic take for 30 day).

Although i have never taken antibiotics and live very naturally i will willing to do anything at this point.

I love your work and watch many of the videos you have done with Markus. I hope somehow you may have some advice for me.

My plan of attack keeps changing but at the moment it is
- GAPS diet for a few weeks (chicken broths & cooked veges)
- Serrpetase for 3 weeks
- Anti-parasitical attack (philodendron - oregano - clove - thyme)

Do you think taking liposomel vit C is a good idea?

Look forward to your reply

02-12-2014 09:18 PM
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