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protocol for healing digestion
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protocol for healing digestion
Hi James,I am a 37 year old female and have Ive been battling with fifty million food intolerances, severe digestive and leaky gut issues and some autoimmune issues. I quit eating gluten before all of this was confirmed so not 100 percent sure its Celiacs.I have been trying to heal my digestive system for the last two years but have still been consistently unable to eat more and more food. The latest thing is itching skin, tachychardia and restless sleep from a histamine overload.

Im now down to a handful of fruits,vegetables and seeds but still can have intense stomach pain from too much fiber.I dont have insurance but because many of the tests are inconclusive anyways, I have decided to get serious and design my own treatment plan to hopefully try and cover all aspects of what is involved with my problem. What I have so far from researching some of your posts and some of my own personal experience is to

- build my adrenals
- avoid pesticides (ie eat organic as much as possible)
- drink spring water
- ordered quercetin with C for histamine intolerance.

- taking digestive bitters I made myself( has burdock,dandelion root,gentian root,orange peel)

- purchased digestive enzymes and betaine hcl before seeing you dont really reccomend them, however the betaine doesnt really agree with me anyways and I plan to start taking TMG instead after the betaine is finished.I do burp excessively though and am pretty sure I have low acid.

- I had to quit probiotics due to the histamine intolerance.I found some probiotic strains that counteract histamine, however they have fructo-olligosaccarides in them- is that bad? Or,should I not even worry about probiotics and focus only on prebiotics?

-Thinking to take Chapparral to cleanse any toxins( I have been on multiple medications etc through the years but not now) but due to the fact that Chapparral can be immune stimulating and having a histamine intolerance, Im not sure if that would be good for me.

- Finally I suspect at least a low functioning thyroid because Im still 25 pounds over weight despite eating fruits and vegetables only, exercising and I also tire very easily( Im currently in the process of doing temperature test). On the other hand my temp was fine today at 98.2.

Anything you would suggest here that I should add or take away? Thanks any input you have will be very much appreciated!
02-08-2014 10:47 PM
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