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Water Role in digestion and pH balance?
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Water Role in digestion and pH balance?
In what I have read so far, I haven't able to find anything that mentioned about the role of water in digestion in pH balance perspective. I know that it would help with food digestion by dissolving them, but would drink too much water slowly down your digestion system through neutralizing your stomach acid? The pH level of water we typically drink must be higher than 7 since it normally accompanies with other minerals. Not enough gastric acid with too much water would cause it to be diluted; thus, it would yield a high pH causing hypochlorhydria, correct?

Referring back to your video with Markus, you mentioned about how companies market for alkaline water. And I do agree with you that everyone should avoid drinking more alkaline water since it isn't helping and worsen your digestion system; however, the company also markets for oxidation reduction in alkaline water. Before I hear about all these fuss about pH balance, I read about how green tea is good for your health due to its antioxidants properties. Being an antioxidant, it meant that it inhibits oxidation with a negative oxidation reduction potential. Given that the pH level of pure water is 7, any mineral added to the water would make more alkaline, so whether it is spring water, purified water, or tap water, the pH level will always be alkaline. You can't escape the fact that water we drink is alkaline. On the other hand, it seems that the oxidation reduction potential of water can be reduced through the use of the right alkalizing filter. Also, it is mentioned on various sites that adding baking soda to your water would lower the oxidation reduction potential from being positive to negative. Thus, adding baking soda to the water or drinking antioxidant water would be beneficial, is it not?
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