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Ozone generators purchasing question
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Ozone generators purchasing question
So I am very curious about trying ozone (esp. in my ear for chronic tinnitus) therapy and would like to by a generator. I can't afford the 1,000 plus models though. And searching back through your posts James on Curezone it sounded like you believed that one could only find real cold corona ozone machines for over 1,000. However then I found a post in which you let someone know about an ebay purchase another forum member had made for around 300 something that seemed to be a real cold corona generator. I checked that listing and of course that particular item was no longer available (it having been a few years back) but the same vendor was there selling some comparable units as listed here-
(He claims he manufacturers these for some big name sellers.)

Here's your curezone post on this-

Also I found this link-

I came across these (above) after reading a post of your about TMG, you shared this company's link from their page explaining the benefits of TMG. I then noticed they had ozone generators for sale. And some that are under 500 dollars that are supposed to be cold corona.

Could you let me know what you think? Or anyone else on the forum with experience with this please? Thank you!

One more thing. For ozonated water I was assuming you can use whatever ozone unit you purchase to make it (as long as you use the right attachment), but would it make any sense to get something like this, esp if you can't afford a regular unit? It's only 65 dollars and just for making the water.
01-26-2014 04:30 PM
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RE: Ozone generators purchasing question
In my opinion.

You can ask them what kind of transformer they use, if is high frequency or not, that is one thing, the other thing you can ask is what kind of dielectric they use. Then u can determine if is really cold corona. If they cannot respond (some will say they don't know), maybe is because its not really cold corona.

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01-31-2014 11:57 AM
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