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Ozone 101
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Ozone 101
There have been several posts lately with people wondering about ozone, what it is and what it can do. So this post will be a compilation of other posts on the topic and additional information to have a large amount of the information all in one place.

There are numerous ways to administer ozone (rectal or vaginal insufflation, ear insufflation, major or minor autohemotherapy, intravenous, intraarterial, or intraaurticular injections, ozonepheresis, subatmospheric applications, hyperbaric ozone, bagging/tenting, etc.). The best method of administration will depend a lot on what is being treated and what equipment and other limitations there are for the procedure.

One popular method is ozone saunas. This is not an effective means of ozone administration though. This is because most of the ozone is broken down in the steam long before it has the chance to be absorbed through the skin. This is because the ozone reacts with the moisture breaking down the ozone. The heat of the sauna increases the rate of ozone breakdown. If doing ozone saunas anyway I would not advise not doing this unless you know for certain that the machine is a cold corona. If using air as a gas source with a ultraviolet or hot corona ozone generator you will also generate acids that can cause some serious burns. The acids are formed by the reaction of nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides with water forming their corresponding acids.

Ozone (O3) is a powerful oxidizer. As it breaks down it produces singlet oxygen (O-), which is a highly reactive oxidizer. This reactivity allows the O- to destroy pathogens and many chemicals through oxidation.

Some of the other benefits of ozone therapy include:

-Destruction of cancer cells through peroxide formation,

-Destruction of carcinogens such as xenoestrogens.

-Precipitation of heavy metals.

-Increased cytokine production increasing immune function.

-Formation of peroxides that stimulate white blood cell activity.

-Cleaning plaque out of the arteries.

-Increases body's antioxidant enzymes.

-Breaks carbon monoxide-hemoglobin bonds, and loosens the bonds between oxygen and hemoglobin to make oxygen more available to the body.

-Stimulates wound healing in low concentrations.

-Has been used to halt gangrene.

-Ozone has been shown to reverse the effects of strokes (CVAs) if administered within 3 hours of the stroke.

A big advantage of ozone over many other therapies is that the fact that ozone can get in to tissues that pharmaceutical drugs generally cannot go such as the brain and the rest of the nervous system. This makes ozone especially useful for brain cancers and herpes infections.

Important note: NEVER use petroleum jelly with ozone!!! They do not react well together.

General information on ozone and methods of application:

Types of ozone generators:

Ozone and cancer:

On ozonating water:

Dangers of hot corona and bagging:

Some sites showing how ozone is formed:

Building an ozone unit:
01-05-2014 08:12 PM
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RE: Ozone 101
Thanks! That was great!
01-06-2014 10:02 AM
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