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Firstly - Thanks James for this wonderful forum.
I am a 69 yr old male & have recently been prescribed "Spiriva", for what has been diagnosed primarily as COPD (emphysema damage), to replace "Ventolin", which I have taken for asthma ( periodically) for a number of years. My breathing has become more regularly problematic this past summer (allergies perhaps) & needed Ventolin regularly but I'm not convinced that the potential dangers of Spiriva are worth the noticeable benefit of the med, although it is a struggle to relinquish that benefit due to the stable level of improvement & mostly lack of need for Ventolin. BUT - It's difficult to justify easy breathing while I have a heart attack or develop glaucoma & cataracts, to name a couple dangers. I'm not even convinced that inhaled pharma induced lung cancer is off the list. It's a tough call for me because I need my lungs.

A hot cup of coffee in the morning has facilitated clearing of most congestion while I was taking Ventolin but there must be a better & simple way without pharma. There is much longevity in my family & I'd love to keep it happening. I'd really like to hear your take on this.

In reading some of your statements I have heard you mention magnesium supplement to relax smooth muscle in the lungs & taking N-Acetyl Cysteine for mucus reduction / thinning.
Pertaining to my allergies / asthma, I have tried Loratadine to reduce histamine / airway constriction, but not very effective.

Thanks for your much appreciated help James.
Be well.
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