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The Methyl Cycle is the backbone of our physiology. It's functional status determines our resistance or susceptibility to environmental toxins and microbes. This is a confusing array of biochemistry, but suffice it to say, a defect at any one point in these interlocking cycles will inevitably affect the remaining pathways, and your overall health will then suffer. Methyl Cycle abnormalities explain why you are sick from environmental toxins while the guy next door is just fine, why you are autistic while your fraternal twin brother is not. While we cannot change your DNA, if we know your weak links we can create "nutritional workarounds" - we can supplement alternative pathways or withhold from your diet molecules that you cannot handle. If we do not address the Methyl Cycle abnormalities that underlie unexplained or chronic illness - well then the illnesses will remain chronic and unexplained, because it is the Methyl Cycle Abnormalities that predisposed you to ill health.

Methyl Cycle Genomic Analysis and Supplementation

CBS: Cystathione Beta Synthase

MTHFR C677T: 5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (Þ 5-Methyl-Folate)

SHMT: Serine Hydroxymethyltransferase

MTR: Methionine Synthase

MTRR: Methionine Synthase Reductase

BHMT: Betaine-Homocysteine Methyltransferase

COMT: Catechol–O–Methyl Transferase

VDR Taq: Vitamin D Receptor Taq Abnormality

MTHFR A1298C: 5,10-Methylene TetraHydroFolate Reductase (Þ BH4)

NOS: Nitric Oxide Synthase

ACE: Angiotensin Converting Enzyme

Glutamate – GABA Imbalance Þ Excitotoxicity


Appendix I: Foods High in Tyrosine or Tryptophan

Appendix II: Foods High in Sulfur

Appendix III: Foods High in Excitotoxins

Appendix IV: Elevated Urine Sulfate - What Do You Do Next?

Appendix V: General Recommendations Based Upon the Sulfate Value

Appendix VI: Methyl Cycle Recipes

Nurtigenomic Supplements and Supplies

Ordering Supplements from Websites

What You Can and Cannot Expect From Us

Sample Report

Life Wave Patch Instructions

A lot of interesting info here:
11-09-2013 08:16 AM
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