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The myth of urinary pH testing reflecting blood pH
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The myth of urinary pH testing reflecting blood pH
I'm asking because the alternative practitioner who sometimes visits my mom somehow tested her urine for acidity (not sure how) and has repeatedly said that her pH is very low.

Urine pH is easy to test. You can simply use urine pH test strips or paper. But there is a major misconception that urinary pH reflects blood pH. This simply is not true. First of all normal urinary pH is slightly acidic.

But to really show how ridiculous the acid-alkaline claims are all we have to do is look at the claims then use a little common sense. Acid-alkaline promoters claim that acidic urine indicate an acidic blood pH. But they also claim that high acidity of the blood leads to mineral loss from the bones as the bones BUFFER the acids. See the massive contradiction in their claims already? If the acids are being buffered this means that the acids have been neutralized. If the acids have been neutralized then how are these acids being excreted in the urine since they are no longer acids?
09-14-2013 08:46 AM
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