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Halogen chemistry for the high iodine proponents
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Halogen chemistry for the high iodine proponents
I found a good site explaining halogen reactivity. In short a more reactive halogen will displace a less reactive halogen.

The reason I am bringing this up is because the high iodine proponents keep erroneously claiming that iodine induced acne is caused by brominism. According to the high iodine proponents the acne is caused by the iodine pushing bromine out of the system. I have been all over this before pointing out to them that bromine has been removed from most foods and I even posted information previously showing it was the iodine irritating the follicles leading to the acne. Still they keep ignoring all of this and continue arguing that it is the bromine being pushed out causing the acne.

Of course if I wanted to make this really easy I could simply point out that if what they were claiming was true then why don't people soaking in brominated hot tubs break out all over with acne?

Anyway, here is the link:

The reactivity of halogens goes from fluorine to chlorine to bromine and finally iodine with fluorine being the most reactive and iodine the least reactive.

This brings up another point. With all the fluorine and chlorine we are exposed to from bathing, brushing our teeth, cooking with tap water, drinking tea, consuming chlorides such as sodium chloride (table salt), etc. why isn't every one breaking out in acne? After all fluorine and chlorine will both push bromine out of the system. On the other hand iodine is less reactive than bromine so the bromine if present will push the iodine out of the system. Yet they are claiming that the acne only occurs when they take the less reactive iodine that does not push bromine out of the body like fluorine and chlorine will.

Despite all these contradictions to their own claims the high iodine proponents still keep repeating the same disproven myth. Just like their claims that high doses of iodine are safe and the myth that iodine treats all forms of thyroid problems.
09-03-2013 05:10 AM
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