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anti-oxidants cause cancer?
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anti-oxidants cause cancer?
Could anti-oxidants cause cancer?
01-10-2013 06:40 AM
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RE: anti-oxidants cause cancer?
(01-10-2013 06:40 AM)JC73 Wrote:  Could anti-oxidants cause cancer?

The article is misleading. There is a common myth that taking antioxidants during cancer therapies will inhibit cancer therapies. This is based on the premise that antioxidants will interfere with the oxygen radicals formed during chemotherapy and radiation therapy that kill cancer cells. Research though has shown that chemotherapy and radiation therapy are already not very effective against malignant tumors because the highly disorganized vascularization of malignant tumors. This decreases the levels of oxygen within areas of the tumor thereby reducing oxygen radical formation.

The other aspect they are overlooking is the fact that cancer cells are more prone to oxidative damage than healthy cells since they have lower levels of antioxidants to begin with and are not going to absorb the antioxidants in the manner of healthy cells. This leaves the cancer cells more prone to oxidative damage than healthy cells.

Taking antioxidants during chemotherapy or radiation therapy actually help protect healthy cells from the oxidative damage from these therapies. In addition, since healthy tissues do not have the disordered vascularization of malignant tumors the risk of oxidative damage to healthy cells by chemotherapy and radiation therapy is actually greater than the risk to cancer cells.

Don't go overboard on antioxidants though as this can lead to immune suppression.
09-22-2013 09:18 PM
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