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James can you help me out with this problem.
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James can you help me out with this problem.
I used to be able to use Chlorella and other cleansing herbs or anti fungal herbs (And some foods) without much of a problem until the last few years. I have recently since earlier success can only tolerate very little if any of them because I will have either huge die off or cleansing reacions or if not the next morning wake up with tingling feet and hands and messed up circulation it seems! I spring up out of bed and am really dizzy and seems like low blood pressure? I also get ringing in the ears and bad anxiety, really is kind of scary! Someone on another board said you are constipated but that can't be just it.

I used to be able to handle these things but now it seems too draining and I can tolerate certain things but some not at all or very little! I get too much cleansing reactions and the next morning is even worse! This is so frustrating because I used to be able to handle several of these things but it seems not as much anymore. This makes me scared to try new herbs now or foods etc. in fear of this happening.

I am not sure if this is some kind of virus that has gotten worse or something is wrong with elimination organs? I drink alot of water and that doesn't seem to help too much. I recently added Goji Berries a few weeks ago and it has happened twice, seems the cleansing is too strong or I am allergic to it or something? I had tightness in the head and ringing in the ears and felt really dizzy last friday and again today, thought I would pass out from diziness and ringing in the ears.

Any info would be appreciated on this subject, thanks in advance. I Literally feel lightheaded or dizzy and have anxiety, heart racing, jump up a few times out of bed dizzy, some tingling like pens and needles in the hands or feet! Feel drained and wake up without getting back to sleep because it keeps me jumping up or dizzy.
11-23-2012 05:35 PM
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