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CDSA results, AF...need advice
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CDSA results, AF...need advice
Hi James!

I had a Doctor's Data CDSA Parasitology x3 test done and need advice on how to treat my:

-Dysbiosis [Klebsiella pneumoniae 3+ and lots of 2+ commensal bacteria, No Growth of bifidobacterium, 2+ lactobacillus, 1+ enterococcus, No Growth Clostridium]
-LOW Butyrate at 0.6mg/mL (0.8-3.8) [Low beneficial flora]
-HIGH Lactoferrin at 10.6ug/mL (<7.3)
-LOW Elastase at 129ug/mL (>200) [COLOR="FF4500"] [moderate pancreatic insufficiency][/COLOR]

Caprylic Acid and Grapefruit Seed Extract are the natural antibacterial agents for Klebsiella Pneumoniae

I attached the lab for easy reference...please take a peek at it. :-)

My concerns:

A. Dysbiosis:
1. Should I take the Capryllic Acid and Grapefruit Seed Extract the lab suggests to kill the Klebsi? The common route is a 1 month course of 500-2000mg of Capryllic Acid + GSE TID and probiotics between those, then a high-dose probiotic afterwards for 1+ months. If u agree, do u concur with the protocol above or do u have another method? What dose should I use? [I am 20 pounds underweight due to malabsorption and IBD/IBS]...or, would just doing high-dose probiotics be a better option?

2. Are probiotics warranted, and if so, how many CFUs of probiotics and which brands? (VSL#3? Natren? Garden of Life? Custom Brand?) What about Zinc carnosine? Please provide specifics on these :-)

3. Would fermented foods, like raw sauerkraut, water kefir, homemade soy yogurt be helpful too? How much of this?

4. Also, there is research that taking Amino Acid supplements helps to eradicate impervious strains, such as Klebsi and MRSA...would an Amino Acid supplement (or protein powder?) be beneficial for me (it might also help me rebuild my muscle and weight....and my albumin/protein labs are on the lower-end of normal)?
And is this just amino acid pills or a protein powder? Do u recommend this? If so, how much, brand, time of day?

B. Low Elastase:
5. Does the Low Elastase warrant the use of digestive enzymes (if so, which brands)? [I have been off digestive enzymes for 1 year, after being on plant/animal-based ones + HCl and Ox Bile, so I dont know if the chronic use of these weakened my ability to manufacture enzymes and insulin function]

C. Anxiety/Adrenal Fatigue/Depression/PTSD/ANS Dysregulation/Insomnia
5. What do u recommend for these issues...adaptogens, 5HTP, amino acids, EPA? My body is constantly on-guard and I cannot relax. I had a neurotransmitter test done 1 yr ago that showed that all my neurotransmitters were HIGH, which is odd, considering my symptoms. My cortisol was slightly lower midday and slightly elevated at night. Not sure how valid this test is 1 yr later, and I feel my emotional state is worse. I attached the test.

D. Dietary
6. Lastly, any dietary advice? I have been following a low-fat raw vegan diet for about 1 year, which significantly helped my UC and dysbiosis (my dysbiosis prior to this diet change was scary-bad: aeromonas, staph, citrobacter, higher levels of Klebsi, candida, etc), eating a mostly fruit-based diet with some raw/cooked veggies, tofu, and a brown rice tortilla....however, the only foods I feel good with are high-glucose fruits like bananas/dates. I react to nearly everything. I read that resistant starch is very beneficial for good flora growth and thus I would love to incorporate legumes, nuts/seeds, oats into my diet, but i literally cannot digest them. Also, I read that people with Klebsiella need to eat a low/no-starch diet, but that resistant starch (RS) is helpful. Any advice in terms of diet and digestion? Also, is nutritional yeast healthy or harmful? Do i do the protocol above to kill the klebsi before adding in RS foods? Im SO confused as to how to fix all of this!

I am currently taking 2 Women's Daily Multivitamins and 1mL DHA/EPA Purity. I just ordered the New Harvest Vegan EPA and will take 2-3 of these a day (to help with anxiety/depression).

My blood labs are fine (prior to supplementation), except Serum B12 is elevated at 1666, but the uMMa/MMa are normal
uMMa: 3.9 (1.6-29.7) and MMA-Normalized (CRT): 1.4 (0.4-2.5).
Vit D is 58

Thanks so much!!!! I look forward to hearing your recommendations! I know u are very busy, but I really appreciate your help. I see my ND on Wednesday (oct 10), so getting your recommendations before that appt would be SO helpful (she's not that well-versed on CDSAs).


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