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Poor dog with parvovirus
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Music Poor dog with parvovirus
Hi James,
I know this isn't a dog health forum, but you have great advice about dog health Smile

My 6 mo. old puppy (poodle/yorkie mix) has had parvo for 5 days. I'm giving him an anti-emetic once a day as well as a saline IV (subcutaneous) a couple times a day. The loss of fluids has not been excessive (at least from what I was expecting based on the vet's info).

He wagged his tail today a bit for the first time in 4 days and even seemed to recognize me and follow me with his eyes. Isn't this a good sign? He's been completely out of it with this illness. For a few days he wouldn't stay in his bed but would hide deep in our garden or under the deck in the cold mud until we could find him and pull him out. He hardly recognized us. But last night he had sense enough to stay in his bed in the garage where is was warm. He can hobble around slowly but doesn't want to and doesn't have any strength.

I was told not to worry about feeding him until he wants to eat (he's skin and bones now). I haven't noticed any blood loss with the diarrhea; actually his vomiting has been more of an issue, even with the anti-emetic, but he's doing better today.

If he survives, and I'm thinking hopefully, I'm trying to decide when and what to feed him and how to help rebuild his strength. I understand the virus attacks in such a way that white blood cell counts are low. He did have an antibiotic on day 3 of the illness when I took him into the vet and got the supplies to keep him hydrated at home.

No, he has not had any puppy shots. What are your thoughts on dog vaccinations? (I already know your thoughts on human vaccinations). The dog was given to us by our neighbor when their dog had puppies, and they don't vaccinate their dogs either.

Would suma help with WBC count? I have some (4:1) concentration. Do people give probiotics to dogs? How do you do this? I am a new pet owner (got him in July), so this is a new world for me. He has absolutely no interest in food and very little interest in water. I've been using a homeopathic remedy for diarrhea, which maybe is why the diarrhea hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. Lots of prayers being offered for him. I don't know at what point to hope he'll get through this. I've tried to give him some pedialyte, but he just doesn't want it.

I know it's just an animal, but our whole family is awfully attached the the little guy.

Sorry to trouble you - thanks so much for all you do for us on this forum.

09-30-2012 06:50 PM
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