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Milk and cancer
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Milk and cancer
"By contrast, in the Asian countries where per capita milk consumption is low, the rates of prostate cancer are low."

But aren't the rates of ALL kinds of cancer low where milk consumption is low?

There is a lot more to that. Different parts of the world have different rates for specific cancers. This is often attributed to diets, but it is more often due to specific viruses found more frequently in those parts of the world and immune function in general. For example, one of the 4 known human leukemia/lymphoma viruses is primarily found in Southern Japan. And parts of Africa where immune system dysfunction is common from malnutrition also have higher rates of viral induced cancers such as those caused by Epstein Barre' Virus (EBV) and human leukemia/lymphoma viruses.

Milk itself is not likely a direct cause of cancer. Its contribution would be more likely from viruses passed through the milk and even more importantly as a promoter of existing cancers due to the hormones present in the milk. Even organic milk still contains naturally occurring hormones in the milk.

Something else to keep in mind is that milk is designed to promote rapid growth of cells. Think about how fast baby animals grow on milk sources.
09-10-2012 06:44 PM
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