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Question on calcium
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Question on calcium
Here it appears to suggest "elemental" calcium alone. (Per day/week/month..??) What is "elemental" calcium? Wiki suggesting calcium carbonate (in so many words). Or does "elemental" cover the gamut of all forms of calcium?

Technically elemental calcium refers to calcium metal, which cannot be ingested. But supplement manufacturers will also use the term in the way of stating their form form of calcium "yields ____mg elemental calcium". So it can refer to any form of calcium since it can be used to show the amount of calcium based on the type of calcium supplement. In other words calcium oxide will yield more calcium than calcium carbonate since the extra carbon and oxygen in the carbonate adds weight to the calcium product. But having more calcium does not mean better. Calcium oxide will have more calcium than calcium citrate for example, but calcium hydroxide is very poorly absorbed and damages the tissues when ingested. Calcium citrate is better absorbed and does not damage the tissues.
09-08-2012 02:37 AM
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