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The Importance of Silica in the Human Body
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RE: The Importance of Silica in the Human Body
(09-04-2012 07:58 AM)eoeoe69 Wrote:  i found a product which says is Enhaced Diatomaceous Earth and orthosilicic acid, i dont put the name cause i dont want make spam... do you think is better absorved/utilized than just the DE because the orthosilicic acid? (i mean for old people, for young maybe no need this still...)

also if using DE with malic acid can be easier converted to orthosilicilic acid?

Orthosilicic acid (OA) is formed from the reaction of water with silica so simply ingesting DE leads to the formation of some OA. The presence of an acid enhances this effect, which is normally stomach acid. Many people though are deficient in stomach acid so the addition of an acid such as malic acid or vinegar will help even though they are considerably weaker than stomach acid.

OA has a tendency to polymerize as it is dried so if they are claiming to have enhanced it with OA they are likely just adding an herbal source of OA as OA is the form of silica picked up by plants. But horsetail is the most often used plant source of OA, which I avoid due to the fact that it constricts blood vessels impeding circulation.

DE is cheap and effective and this is what I personally would stick with.
09-04-2012 08:55 PM
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