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Factors for weight gain other than diet
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Factors for weight gain other than diet
i/4 of brits and a 1/3 of americans are obese. wow! Things are not going to change until people change their attitude to their diet, obesity will continue to rise.

It is not all diet. There are many factors affecting weight. One of the primary factors is low thyroid function, which is on the rise in particular from the use of chlorine and fluoride in our water systems. Both displace iodine from the body. Stress is another factor due to both cortisol induced glucose rises and thyroid suppression. Then there are various medications that are well known for causing weight gain such as Prednisone, estrogen replacement drugs, antidepressants....... So we need to stop blaming people for being overweight due to their own accord.

There is also another often overlooked factor because of its misleading nature. And that is the use of synthetic sugar substitutes such as aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet, etc). They promote these as zero calorie and lure people in making them think that these will help them lose weight when in fact it does just the opposite. These synthetic sweeteners actually raise blood sugar levels that also mean they are not diabetic safe as is claimed. The glucose rise leads to an insulin spike, which in turn promotes fat formation. In addition these artificial sweeteners stimulate the appetite and make you thirstier. So not only do you eat more, but you also drink more and likely both what people will go for to eat and drink will contain even more of these artificial sweeteners. The food companies really have a racket going with this garbage. But promote it falsely as a zero calorie or low calorie product, diabetic safe, and an aid for weight loss and the public will buy it with few checking the product for safety. They just assume the FDA has already done that for them.
08-15-2012 05:44 AM
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