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Gkucosamine-chondroitin or building blocks?
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Gkucosamine-chondroitin or building blocks?
I prefer to use the building blocks for the joints to let the body generate its own cartilage proteins and synovial fluid.

I found this to be not only much more effective but much faster than glucosamine/chondroitin supplementation. This has to do with the fact that glucosamine and chondroitin cannot be absorbed as glucosamine and chondroitin. To understand this lets start with glucosamine. Glucosamine is actually a sugar protein. But as we know proteins are too large to be absorbed intact. So the glucosamine has to be broken down in to smaller units such as glucose and amino acids in order to be absorbed. At this point the amino acids and glucose are no different than the amino acids and glucose generated by food and are treated no different. Therefore the amino acids and glucose are absorbed then used for energy and the formation of proteins. A PORTION of the amino acids and glucose will be reconstructed back in to glucosamine and the rest used for whatever. So if you take a capsule containing 400mg glucosamine you may only have less than 100mg of that being converted back and utilized as glucosamine. This is why it takes so long to take effect.

Chondroitin is even more of a problem due to its large size. Studies have shown only roughly an 8% absorption rate. The reason for this is chondroitin is composed of a chain of glucosamine molecules linked together by silica molecules. This long chain needs to be broken down in to individual glucosamine units, which then have to broken down in to its building blocks for absorption. Once again only a small portion of the materials are converted back in to glucosamine, and even a smaller amount will be converted back in to chondroitin.

That is why I focus on the building blocks. The body does not waste a lot of energy with breaking down large proteins, and absorption is enhanced.
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