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Question on Candida and pH.
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Question on Candida and pH.
Hi, I have candida and also use an alkalizing drink based with magnesium oxide. Am I doing myself harm by becoming less acidic? I read on one of your posts about how alkalinity turns the Candida growth gene on and converts the Candida in to its aggressive and pathogenic fungal form. Does this mean those of us who have candida should not try to become more alkaline? Thanks.

What you are doing is alkalizing your digestive system, which is a common area for Candida to be found. So yes, you are going to make your Candida a lot worse by alkalizing the stomach and intestines.

How many people do you know that cured themselves of Candida with alkalizing? I never heard of any. I hear people say they have their Candida under control with the alkalizing and anti-Candida diets, but then they also say they still can't eat anything with sugar. Sorry, but that is not having the Candida under control. Everyone has Candida, it is a natural part of the body. And there are plenty of people out there, like me, that can eat whatever they want. Those are the people that truly have their Candida under control because their immune systems and the acids from the stomach and flora keep that Candida under control.

Taking substances like baking soda, calcium oxide/hydroxide, or magnesium oxide/hydroxide will just wipe out the acids of the digestive system, which in turn will cause the Candida to go out of control.

Even worse the hydroxides are extremely powerful free radicals, and are so caustic that they burn the tissues. This is why there are warnings on so many hydroxide products to avoid skin contact. Would you drink lye (sodium hydroxide) or Drano (potassium hydroxide)? Of course not because they would burn the hell out of your tissues because ALL hydroxides are caustic. So why would you ingest calcium or magnesium hydroxide?

In fact magnesium hydroxide (Milk of Magnesia) works as a laxative because this hydroxide chemically burns the intestinal wall. This stimulates the release of large amounts of fluid in to the intestines and increases peristalsis. It also increases the risk of intestinal cancer due to the inflammation from the repetitive burning of the intestinal wall.

Getting back to the Candida, a simple way to understand this is to consider why women get Candida infections from antibiotics. The answer is simple. The vaginal pH is supposed to be acidic, just like parts pf the intestines and the skin. These acids come from the Lactobacillus bacteria and bifidobacterium that produce lactic acid, acetic acid, and fatty acids that control the growth of the Candida. When the antibiotics kill off these beneficial bacteria acid production is lowered leading to an alkaline state of the terrain. This alkalinity turns on the Candida growth gene and converts Candida in to its aggressive fungal form. Thus the Candida infection known as candidiasis.

Killing off the flora in the intestines also creates an alkaline environment, leading to Candida overgrowth. This leads to excess gas and bloating from the Candida overgrowth fermenting dietary sugars.

We see thrush as the acid forming bacteria in the oral cavity are killed off.

Antibiotic use can also lead to fungal skin and sinus infections for the same reason.

Actually the whole acid/alkaline thing is pretty much garbage. Acidosis is pretty rare. The body has many redundant systems to make sure its pH remains in a narrow range. This is because both acidosis and alkalosis are extremely dangerous. The body can only live within a narrow pH range. So the body uses various methods such as regulation of respiratory rate, hydrogen ion (proton) elimination or retention by the kidneys, protein binding, etc. to help maintain its narrow pH range.

If the body goes too acid or too alkaline the body will quickly adjust that pH back to its normal range. As examples, when we run hard we form acidic protons. But the lungs work harder to increase oxygen levels to remove the excess protons. That is why we still breathe hard for a short time after we stop running even though the muscles no longer need the extra oxygen. Once the proton levels drop our respiration decreases to prevent alkalosis.

In the opposite, if we hyperventilate we go really alkaline immediately. This causes the blood vessels going to the brain to constrict cutting off the blood supply to the brain and we pass out. To compensate the respiration shuts down to build up carbon dioxide, which forms carbonic acid that dilates the blood vessels restoring blood flow to the brain.

Some people have claimed that the basis of disease is that the lymphatic system becomes too acidic. This is not even close to being true. The lymphatic system is closely tied to the vascular system and maintains a pH slightly higher (more alkaline) than the blood.

The body knows what it is doing. Therefore, trying to force a specific pH on a healthy body is just asking for health issues. They may not be noticeable right away, but they will happen if continued.

People make the mistake of thinking that if something makes them feel better that it must be curing their condition or making them healthier. This is not always the case.

If someone has acid reflux, which most often results from a lack of stomach acid, an antacid or acid blocker will make them feel better by knocking out any traces of acid left in the stomach. Does this mean their problem is cured? Of course not, this is just masking the symptoms while making the condition worse. In the long run the person risks nutritional deficiencies, infections, increased risk of heart disease, decreased bone density, connective tissue disorders, etc. These same problems also apply to the ingestion of baking soda, calcium oxide/hydroxide or magnesium oxide/hydroxide.

If a person has cancer and the chemo puts their cancer in to remission do they feel better? Of course. Is their disease gone? Of course not. Is the treatment dangerous even though it makes them feel better? Definitely since all chemo drugs are known carcinogens and have numerous other side effects.

This is why most charlatans rely only on "testimonials" as their "evidence" that their therapies supposedly work.
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