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Question on alkalizing hype.
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Question on alkalizing hype.
I keep reading from some health advocates that fungi, bacteria, and parasites cannot survive in an alkaline environment; hence, the need to alkalize the body and eat alkaline foods. What's up with this alkaline hype?

Part of is that it promotes sales for those selling alkaline products like alkaline water machines.

Then there are those that believe and repeat without bothering to check facts.

The fact is that most pathogens cannot survive and thrive in an acidic environment. But they do survive and thrive in an alkaline environment.

Candida is a great example. Alkalinity turns on the growth gene and causes it to go in to its highly aggressive and pathogenic fungal form. In an acidic environment the growth gene is turned off and the Candida is kept in a relatively harmless yeast form.

But, our skin is acidic for a reason, right?

Exactly, the skin is one of our first lines of defense against pathogens. The flora on the skin make it slightly acidic to help control the pathogens. When the skin becomes too alkaline the skin can become damaged and infections can set in. We see this commonly in cases where people work with alkaline substances such as concrete workers, dish washers and even hospital personnel that have to wash their hands frequently.

That's why apple cider vinegar is helpful for dandruff because it is acidic.


Our stomach is acidic for a reason, right? That's why betaine HCl can be helpful for digestion .

Yes, the stomach is also a line of defense against pathogens. Consider how many bacteria and other pathogens we ingest daily. If it were not for stomach acid killing most of these then we would be in big trouble as pathogens would readily enter the bloodstream through the digestive system.

Also keep in mind that the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, associated with stomach ulcers and cancer, cannot tolerate an acidic environment. Therefore, the bacteria secretes highly alkaline ammonia to neutralize stomach acid to protect itself.

Our urine is acidic for a reason, right?


A more alkaline pH in the urine can make us more vulnerable to a urinary tract infection.

Correct. The only time you really want to alkalize the urine is with using uva ursi or other hydroquinone sources for the treatment of urinary tract infections. Hydroquinones are more effective in an alkaline environment.

That's why drinking cranberry juice can be helpful for UTI's because it acidifies the pH.

Actually cranberry and blueberry juices don't kill the bacteria like hydroquinones do. Instead these juices prevent the bacteria from adhering to the tissues. This prevents them from causing damage and helps to flush them out of the urinary tract.
07-10-2012 10:42 AM
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