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Looking for natural giardia treatment
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Looking for natural giardia treatment
I was recently diagnosed with gardia. However, before I go with meds, which got me in this mess in the first place (imbalances all over my body), I want to try herbal remedies. I addition I am doing a bunch of other protocols to improve my liver, clean my colon, etc.

so this is what I am here today.... do you know of any good mixture of herbs that will help me start this battle?. For what I have found in other forums berberine, goldenseal, activated charcoal and peper longum fruit are the preferred options.

What do you all think here? Are this the best?

very open to any ideas, suggestions.

The berberine herbs will work, but they should not be used for more than 2 weeks and you will have to restore the flora afterward just like as if you took antibiotics. The strongest berberine herbs are barberry, Oregon grape root and goldenseal root.

A safer alternative would be turmeric, which has also been shown to inhibit giardia in a dose dependent manner. In other words higher doses work better. For example, you can eat meals made with curry that has turmeric as the main ingredient.

To enhance the effects of either the berberine herbs or turmeric these herbs can be taken with some yucca root, which will help the active components of the herbs penetrate the protozoa more effectively.

I would not even bother with the charcoal. And as for the pepper it can also enhance the effects of the other herbs, but I would not rely on it by itself.

I recommend taking the herbs 3-4 times daily for a month to make sure it is completely cleared.
07-10-2012 06:28 AM
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