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PH of urine vs. PH of saliva
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PH of urine vs. PH of saliva
Could someone please shed some light on this for me as I am puzzled: The PH of my first urine in the morning hangs around 6.0 ( low, I know...), while the saliva is around 7.5 to 8.00. Are they not supposed to be closer together?

First of all urinary and salivary pH DO NOT reflect the pH of the blood. The only way you know your blood pH is by having your blood pH tested.

Salivary pH is especially inaccurate since there are so many things that alter the pH of the saliva. Even the thought of certain foods can alter the salivary pH.

My fiance's urinary PH is around 7.5, better than mine,

Why do you think that is better? A higher urinary pH increases the risk for stones and infections. A slightly acidic urinary pH would be better.

although we eat the same main meals, except his diet is worse because he gets into candy, honey, chocolate bars, beer, while I stay away from these. He is also a carbohydrate junkie, will have a bowl of cereal before going to bed, I don't. Yet, look at his PH!
Both my fiance and I drink kombucha 3 times a day and also eat other fermented foods ( I make sauerkraut)and plenty of vegetables and fruit. He has a persistent form of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, so we are aware of the importance of PH.

Acidity DOES NOT cause cancer, this is a myth. In fact many acids kill or inhibit cancer. If the cancer is not near the eyes though and is at the surface he might want to look in to peroxide therapy for it using straight 35% food grade peroxide. It hurts like crazy for about 20 minutes but works great.

His good PH does not eradicate the skin cancer...

Again because acids do not cause cancer and alkalinity does not cure it. Search the topic in the forum I have discussed this myth several times.

Obviouosly, my body reacts differently than his.
So, what do I need to do to better my PH ?

You should read this:

I don't want to change our joint diet as he seems to be doing fine on it. I have had a recent urinary tract infection; after taking herbs for it the discomfort is totally gone, but there is still some cloudiness and foam in the urine.

It sounds like you are passing protein in the urine. This will cause the foaming and cloudiness. Although there are a number of other things that can cause cloudy urine including phosphate excretion, bladder or kidney infection, other infections or vaginal discharge.

(I took baking soda for a couple of days, but it upset my digestion, so I stopped).

That is not a good idea. First of all you are going to wipe out your stomach acid:

In addition baking soda can cause alkalosis, which the body has to work harder to correct since alkalosis is dangerous.
07-09-2012 01:37 PM
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