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Which is more addictive: heroin or methadone
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Which is more addictive: heroin or methadone
Methadone has long been used to substitute for heroin as a means of legalized drug dealing by the government. Heroin is a stronger drug than methadone but much less addictive.

The reason is that both drugs shut down the body's ability to produce its natural pain killer dopamine. As long as these drugs are still in the system the body is blocked from forming dopamine, which is where the addiction really comes in.

Once the body's dopamine production is shut down trying to come off the drugs leads to the withdrawal symptoms such as intense pain, nausea, profuse sweating, etc. from the lack of dopamine.

But heroin can be flushed out of the system quickly allowing the body to start producing dopamine in a short time, which is why heroin addicts can be "detoxed" in a relatively short time.

Methadone on the other hand remains in the body for about 8 months. Now imagine trying to deal with those withdrawal symptoms for 8 months!!!

This is why according to the government and my medical books they state that methadone is a lifelong "treatment" since according to them it is impossible to come back off of.

Therefore, heroin is stronger in effects, but less addictive than methadone.
07-06-2012 05:54 AM
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