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Soy Fact and Fiction
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Soy Fact and Fiction
Soy is not as dangerous as is being touted. Somewhere along the line someone started a bunch of false rumors about soy, that have been repeated over and over by people who have failed to research the facts before continuing the rumors. I truly believe that these rumors were likely started by either the beef or dairy industry since they are the most adversely effected financially by the increased popularity of soy.

Here is an article I wrote on the subject previously:

Soy Fact and Fiction

There are various sites on the Internet spewing false and misleading information about soy. The information is so convincing that even naturopathic doctors are repeating the falsehoods rather than verifying whether or not the information is valid. I had this problem with a naturopathic doctor, "Doc" Shillington, on the Yahoo boards. He finally kicked me off his board because I was posting proof that his false claims about soy were in fact false. So instead of admitting he was wrong, he called me a quack, kicked me off his board, then told people not to talk to me through e-mails. I could not contact anyone from his board after he banned me since I had no access to e-mail addresses. Luckily several of the posters on his board e-mailed me and told me what he had pulled after banning me. Funny thing is that in his forum description he clearly stated that debate was welcome. He just did not state that debating by providing solid evidence that his claims were bogus was not allowed and would get you banned.

Here are some of the common myths about soy:

Fiction: Soy causes cancer.

Fact: Phytoestrogens are plant based estrogenic substances. On average phytoestrogens are about 200 to 400 times weaker than the body’s own estrogen. So they have a duel effect by both acting as very weak estrogens and by locking up estrogen receptors to block the action of stronger and more dangerous estrogens. For instance Premarin (PREgnant MARes urINe), which is 3,000 times stronger than human estrogen, and xenoestrogens, such as dioxin and PCBs, which can be as high as 30,000 times stronger than human estrogens. Many phytoestrogens can be derived from diet. Dietary sources include soy, sage, yams, parsley, peas, kudzu, and seaweeds. Other sources include red clover, licorice root, and numerous other herbs. In fact phytoestrogens have been isolated from over 350 different plants.

Flavonoids, found in various foods, especially berries also function in the same manner as phytoestrogens.

Fiction: Soy causes hypothyroidism.

Fact: Soy does contain goitergens, as do broccoli, peanuts, and various other foods. Though goitergens are readily destroyed by fermentation, or as little as 10 minutes of cooking. Soy products, including soy milk, are either cooked or fermented.

Fiction: Soy stunts growth, and the high consumption is why Orientals are so short. I actually heard this from another naturopathic doctor.

Fact: Height is dependent on genetics, and soy does not stunt growth. In fact I was allergic to both mother's milk and cow's milk as an infant, and was raised on soy milk. I am 6' 2", the same height as my father.

Fiction: Because of the estrogens in soy, consuming soy makes people gay. Another one I actually read on posts on the net.

Fact: Again this has genetic factors, and has nothing to do with soy consumption. By the way, I am not gay either.

Fiction: Soy is high in aluminum because they wash the soybeans in aluminum vats with sulfuric acid.

Fact: I really got a kick out of reading this one. If anyone has ever really worked with sulfuric acid, then they know how nasty this acid can be!!! The acid is very hygroscopic and likes to turn organic materials, such as skin, in to carbon by stripping hydrogen and oxygen from the material to form water, leaving behind the carbon. If the soybeans were washed in sulfuric acid you would not have soybeans, you would have carbon balls.

Secondly the acid would eat away the aluminum of the vats creating very dangerous amounts of free hydrogen gas. Not to mention the fact that they would have to be constantly replacing the vats that are being eaten away, which would be prohibitively costly in both replacement costs and downtime.
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