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A review of the Kangen promotional videos
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A review of the Kangen promotional videos

These videos are full of misinformation and hype. For instance in the first video the guy mentions that exercise leads to obesity from a buildup of acids. If this were the case then marathon runners would all weigh over 300 pounds.

The fact is that there a numerous reasons for weight gain, such as hypothalamus disorders, hormones, caloric overload, diabetes, insulin spikes, cortisol, etc.

I would not call most acids toxins though. For example, many of our vitamins such as vitamin C are acids. So are various antioxidants like green tea. The building blocks of our body, proteins, are made up of amino acids, which break down in to toxic alkaline ammonia compounds. Various acids such as lactic acid, chlorogenic acid, betulinic acid, etc, all help protect the body from cancer. Boswellic acid is anti-inflammatory.

I do agree that toxins play a major role in weight gain because what toxins the liver cannot process will have to be stored safely until they can be processed. This is the same reason that when people start breaking down their body fat, such as during fasts the person can become sick. Toxins such as excess hormones, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals and other toxic compounds that have an affinity for fat get released suddenly in to the bloodstream when the body fat is broken down.

The primary acids he was referring to though are lactic acid and carbonic acid, which are both readily eliminated by breathing. Lactic acid though is only produced by the body’s flora, which helps in nutrient absorption and controlling pathogens. Lactic acid is not produced by human cells. Human cells can produce a salt of lactic acid, known as lactate, which is non-acidic. Lactate and carbonic acid though are readily eliminated by the body though through respiration.

For example, when we run hard there is an increased need for oxygen to fuel the cells. The increase in oxygen also reduces acidic hydrogen protons that cause the muscle “burn” and exchanges with carbon dioxide to keep carbon dioxide levels in check. When we stop running there is no longer a need for higher oxygen levels for muscle function, yet we continue to breathe heavy for a short period of time. The reason for this is because our bodies are using the oxygen for proton and carbon dioxide removal.

Carbon dioxide will form carbonic acid in reaction with water in our systems. And it serves its own purposes. If we hyperventilate it will reduce our carbonic acid levels quickly putting us in to a highly alkaline state. This hyperalkalinity though also causes us to pass out as blood vessels constrict and blood is pushed away from the brain. I always found it interesting that these companies never mention the dangers of alkalosis, such as reduced circulation to the brain from alkalosis.
In short, one of the best acid buffers for our bodies is normal deep breathing.

It should also be noted that carbon dioxide, which forms carbonic acid in our blood is also essential for the formation of both stomach acid and the bicarbonate used to buffer stomach acid and blood acids.

In the second video showing the colonoscopies, if you listen really carefully you will hear them say that all of these people improved after using this doctor's diet and also drinking the water. Most people have colon problems because they fail to eat enough fiber, which is essential to build up the flora and to provide silica to maintain tissue integrity. So changing a person's diet to include more fibers will do wonders for their colon health. I really doubt the alkaline water had anything to do with it. Especially considering the fact that most of the intestinal tract is naturally alkaline regardless of what we eat or drink.

Their claim about Kangen water being more oxygen rich was the most misleading statement I saw. The hydroxyl group is not oxygen, even though it contains oxygen. In fact acetic acid (vinegar, CH3COOH) not only contains more oxygen atoms than let's say the calcium hydroxide produced in the alkaline water, but as we see acetic acid also contains a hydroxyl group. This is something these doctors should have learned in their first year of medicine, or at least in high school chemistry where most of us learned this fact. Furthermore, common table sugar contains considerably more oxygen atoms than calcium hydroxide. Yet this does not make it healthy.

They also like to use the sales catch phrase "ionize". What they are not telling people is that this basically means squat. The normal reaction of water and stomach acid leads to an ionization process. You do not need any special water for this. This is a common practice for many companies, especially MLM companies, to find fancy sounding scientific words to throw around to make it sound like their product does something different and special.

I found it especially funny that they are using videos bashing bottled tap water when you need tap water or something similar to produce the alkaline water. Purified waters will not work. In order to produce the caustic alkaline hydroxides produced by the Kangen machine certain minerals have to be present that are found in tap water and spring water. As the water is split in to acid (H) and alkaline (OH) the hydroxide groups (OH-) bind with minerals such as calcium and magnesium forming the alkaline hydroxides, such as calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) and magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2) that Kangen falsely claims is healthy.

As far as the acid water, which is used externally, this is fine. The skin is supposed to be slightly acidic, but we tend to do a lot of damage to our skin using alkaline soaps. For example, the alkalinity of soaps can cause the skin to crack and promote bacterial overgrowth increasing the risk of infection.

Unfortunately neutralizing stomach acid with alkaline waters will also promote microbial overgrowth in the stomach. Especially yeast, which thrives in an alkaline environment. For simple evidence to this just consider why women get yeast infections after taking antibiotics. The Lactobacillus bacteria and Bifidobacterium in the vagina produce beneficial acids such as lactic acid, which among other things controls yeast overgrowth. Antibiotics kill off these beneficial bacteria causing vaginal pH to go alkaline and the yeast takes over. By the same token stomach acid is essential to help prevent yeast overgrowth in the stomach, as well as overgrowth of other pathogens. Being that stomach acid naturally declines with age the majority of people are already going to be at higher risk of pathogen overgrowth. This is why the incidence of acid reflux is greater as we age. Acid reflux has a lot to do with microbial fermentation due to microbial overgrowth.
They are right that the water can not be produced with "pure" water as I mentioned earlier because the hydroxides are formed with the minerals in the water. What they are not telling people is that mineral hydroxides damage tissues due to their caustic nature and the fact that these hydroxides are themselves free radicals. For instance from this medical abstract:

Evidence-Based Dentistry (2007) 8, 15–16. doi:10.1038/sj.ebd.6400467

Calcium hydroxide has limited effectiveness in eliminating bacteria from human root canal

"The basic theory behind the use of calcium hydroxide is that endodontic pathogens will be unable to survive in the alkaline environment it creates. Indeed, several studies showed total eradication of several bacterial species commonly found in infected root canals when in direct contact with this treatment.2 Its antimicrobial activity is related to the release of hydroxyl ions in an aqueous environment; these are highly oxidising free radicals that show extreme reactivity with many biomolecules."

Biomolecules would include human cells. This is why hydroxides are so damaging to the tissues. For instance you would not want to drink Red Devil Lye (sodium hydroxide) or Drano (potassium hydroxide) because they would severely burn the tissues leading to severe damage and possibly death. Get lime (calcium hydroxide) on your skin with a little moisture and you are going to burn your skin. Take Milk of Magnesia (magnesium hydroxide) and it causes diarrhea because of chemical burning to the intestinal lining, which also raises the risk of intestinal cancers. Alkaline water are just more dilute versions of some of these stronger caustic hydroxides.
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