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Differences between ozone and oxygen
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Differences between ozone and oxygen

Ozone is not the same thing as oxygen and has different properties.

The oxygen we breathe is O2.

Ozone is a more radical, and unstable form of oxygen generally considered O3. Although higher allotropes exist and can be formed.

For example, true cold corona ozone generators can form allotropes from O4 to O25, sometimes referred to as "long chain ozone" or "polyatomic oxygen molecule" (POM). The ozone is unstable and breaks down rapidly releasing singlet oxygen molecules (O-), which are highly reactive molecules. So they look for other electron sources to stabilize themselves. In the process they steal these from viruses, bacteria, etc.

Singlet oxygen can also react with lipids and water forming peroxides that directly destroy cancer cells and stimulate white blood cell activity. Singlet oxygen also stimulates the production of other immune factors such as cytokines and SOD, break carbon monoxide-hemoglobin bonds, weaken carbon dioxide-oxygen bonds to increase oxygen levels to the body, breaks up rouleaux of red blood cells, oxidizes carcinogens and other toxins, promotes healing of tissues, etc.

Oxygen can only do some of this, and to a limited extent.
07-01-2012 09:28 PM
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