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Dangers of "bagging" with hot corona ozone generators
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Dangers of "bagging" with hot corona ozone generators
The problem with body suits and other such practices with a hot corona device is that the person can end up with acid burns.

I saw this once with a friend of mine who went to this guy locally who did not have a clue what he was doing. In fact he also ended up causing lung damage in another friend of mine. Anyway, he was using a high powered hot corona device with air. I tried to tell him that the unit was hot corona, but he kept insisting that it was cold corona. He put my friend in an ozone tent and placed a towel around her neck to keep it out of her face. He used air as a starter gas, which forms nitrogen based and sulfur based acids in hot corona devices. She ended up with severe acid burns under the towel where she had been sweating.

Therefore, I am a bit leery about using this method unless using cold corona, a low output hot corona, or a hot corona with oxygen instead of air.

True cold corona units do not generate acids when air is used as a starter gas. Although it is hard to find real cold corona units.

Many manufacturers claim their units are cold when they are really hot corona. To further confuse things if a manufacturer uses a cold corona tube design then uses a high frequency transformer to power it then the transformer can make the tube act as a hot corona design.
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