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Oxygen vs. ozone questions and answers
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Oxygen vs. ozone questions and answers
Please, would you compare breathing O2 to ozone (O1) insufflation, again?

Ozone is actually O3 and can form higher allotropes (O4-O25). As it breaks down it releases monotomic oxygen, which is O1. But ozone has very different properties than the oxygen (O2). For example ozone can form lipid and hydrogen peroxides on its own with fats and water. Oxygen cannot do this. Ozone can kill cancer cells, oxygen cannot............

Would O2 in the ear help?

Oxygen will not do much in the ear, but ozone will. Especially for inner ear infections and brain tumors.

I'm confused as to why we don't just breath more O2 for healing etc..

Oxygen can help healing to an extent. But high tissue concentrations are needed in many cases such as with carbon monoxide poisoning, barotrauma, certain infections, etc. That is why we have hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). HBOT uses pure oxygen, but the pressure supersaturates the tissues with oxygen.

Also keep in mind that high oxygen levels in someone with COPD is controversial since it it believed to reduce or stop breathing And to much oxygen can cause blindness (retrolental fibroplasia) in preemies. This is why oxygen is regulated as a drug.

What are some of the ways getting extra O2 helps?

Wound healing to an extent, increased energy, increased ATP formation, more efficient burning of glucose, etc. But again there are contradictions to oxygen therapy as well.

Would it help with migraine headaches?

If caught before it goes in to a full blown migraine oxygen may help, and low ozone concentrations even more. The reason is relaxation of the blood vessels to prevent the initial vasoconstriction that precedes the full blown migraine. Magnesium malate will also help prevent migraines for the same reason.
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