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Coffee enemas: Increase or decrease toxins?
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Coffee enemas: Increase or decrease toxins?
I actually love Coffee Enemas.

What I don't like are unwanted toxins/metals recycling through the body.

: )

Point I was making is that bitters are very effective in cleansing the liver and they will not crash the adrenals like coffee enemas. Crashing the adrenals can lead to a whole host of problems including blood pressure and blood pressure issues, low energy, thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, allergies/asthma, autoimmunity, water retention, etc.

Also keep in mind that the tannins in the coffee are likely to kill the flora, which will actually INCREASE the absorption of toxins from the colon since one of the roles of the flora is to break down various toxins, such as hormone metabolites, for excretion.

As for heavy metals simply releasing them is not a good idea. As long as they are in a free form they are going to cause damage as they circulate, before being eliminated or redeposited. Safer means of dealing with heavy metals are binders such as algins from seaweeds, pectins from fruits and vegetables or phytates from seeds. These bind with the heavy metals ensuring elimination rather than possible redeposition. Amla berry is also helpful as it helps prevent DNA damage from the heavy metals as they are released before they get bound for elimination.
07-01-2012 02:28 PM
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