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I have seen promoted as a valuable holistic cancer therapy site on various videos. Can everything they promote be trusted though?

Cancer tutor promotes a lot of proven quackery like "oleander soup, that has shown to not only fail in every human trial but also appears to shorten the lives of patients, and cesium chloride that has not only been shown to cause cancer but also to promote cancer. In addition cesium chloride is toxic to the heart and liver. They don't check their claims, they simply post whatever anyone tells them supposedly works.

Other quackery I have seen promoted on this site include ingesting baking soda and mixing chlorine dioxide compounds with DMSO.

Starting with ingesting baking soda, ingested baking soda is simply neutralized by the stomach forming carbonic acid and sodium chloride (table salt), which in excess can cause hyperchloremic acidosis. Even if it does manage to dangerously overwhelm the stomach acid and make it to the blood it still would not have any effect since:

1. The baking soda would be too dilute to have an osmotic shift on the cancer cells to kill them.

2. Cancer cells already have a higher than normal ALKALINE internal pH. It is this alkalinity that allows the cancer cells to survive and drives glycolysis in the cancer cells.

3. Studies have already shown that ingesting baking soda DOES NOT kill cancer cells. There is a study that people keep posting in argument that shows an inhibition of metastases. This DOES NOT mean the cancer cells are being killed.

Ingesting baking soda actually increases the risk of cancer and/or promotes existing cancers. As I have pointed out so many times in the past one of these is ingesting baking soda. This neutralizes stomach acid, which helps ingested cancer pathogens to survive. This also inhibits the absorption of B6, B12 and folate, which are all acid dependent for absorption. Inhibited absorption of these vitamins leads to decreased methylation. Decreased methylation leads to immune suppression, inhibition of DNA repair, increased levels of cancer and heart diseases promoting homocysteine, etc. all increasing the risk of and promotion of cancer. Decreased acidity of the stomach has also been linked to an increase of stomach cancer again by allowing cancer pathogens to take hold and by inhibiting methylation.

Many people falsely assume the stomach will simply produce more stomach acid. This is not necessarily true. First of all stomach acid levels naturally decline with age to begin with. By the age of 40 most people are deficient in stomach acid, which is why that is also the largest segment of the population that is buying antacids and acid blockers (proton pump inhibitors). Acid reflux is most often the result of a lack of stomach acid inhibiting digestion and promoting fermentation. See:

When methylation is inhibited so is the body's ability to produce more stomach acid since the production of stomach acid is methylation dependent. This is why people become so dependent on antacids like Tums or baking soda with time. They are promoting more reflux by inhibiting stomach acid formation.

Some people will try to cite the work of Simoncini as evidence that baking soda works. Simoncini is injecting a concentrated solution in to or right next to the tumor. This kills both healthy cell and cancer cells, just like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. And it has NOTHING to do with alkalizing, especially since the neutralization of acidity around the cancer leads to the production of carbonic acid. Same reason IV sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is rarely used anymore in hospital settings to treat acidosis since it can actually cause a secondary acidosis. The strong solution kills healthy and cancer cells from a strong osmotic shift on the cells. But again, ingesting baking soda DOES NOT have the same effect.

As for chlorine dioxide, which is bleach, this will not kill cancer cells either unless you want to put a strong concentration on cancer cells in a Petri dish. This will kill healthy cells just as easily. In fact that byproducts of ingested chlorine dioxide are the chlorine bleach compounds chlorine, which is highly toxic to cells, and chlorate and chlorite that can hemolyze red blood cells leading to kidney damage and that also react with organic matter forming the cancer causing compounds trichloromethanes and haloacetetic acids. Therefore, not only can chlorine dioxide lead to cancer formation by the formation of these carcinogens, but there is also another way. The chlorine in chlorine dioxide can displace iodine leading to hypothyroidism. This in turn increases the risk of cancer and heart disease by leading to an increase of inflammatory homocysteine linked to both of these diseases.

Adding the synthetic industrial solvent dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) to the equation is the height of stupidity!!!!

DMSO is dangerous enough on its own if people do not know what they are doing. For example, how many people are aware that this can carry anything on your skin including pollutants, makeup, soap scum, etc. right in to the bloodstream? Secondly, having concentrated solutions of a lot of substances, including simple things like baking soda going in to the bloodstream can cause a lot of problems. For example, a concentrated solution of baking soda added to DMSO, which I have seen recommended, can cause death of healthy cells including red blood cells and could cause a very dangerous alkalosis condition, which inhibits tissue oxygenation. That is right, alkalinity prevents tissue oxygenation since this process is acid dependent. More proof people need to stop getting their health information from bogus health propaganda sites since they claim just the opposite.

The other big issue is that they are recommending the mixing of an oxidizer with DMSO without having any knowledge of how this will react chemically. Ever hear of the Ramirez case, in which the DMSO the lady was using was converted in to the highly toxic gas DMSO4 by oxidation? For those not familiar with this case see:

Bottom line is that a person would have to be a complete fool to use if they had cancer!!!!!
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07-17-2016 07:39 PM
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