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The Truth About Cancer Interview: Ty Bollinger - Review
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The Truth About Cancer Interview: Ty Bollinger - Review
The Truth About Cancer Interview: Ty Bollinger

One of the few statements I agree with from Ty Bollinger is the statement if an effective cancer cure were put on the market this would collapse the economy since this is my quote I have been saying for many years. I make reference to why here:

And he is right the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test is worthless. PSA is known to rise because of various things including benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), prostate infection and even consuming caffeine.

It has also been shown that if prostate cancer is simply left alone in most cases it will encapsulate and never be dangerous to the man. If biopsied though it does spread.

In my opinion though Ty Bollinger knows has a lot of real facts to learn about cancer. He is promoting a lot of the same disproven myths about cancer. I have addressed some of his misinformation in the past:

Other myths I hear him claiming are that we are all producing cancer cells, which is a common myth:

And the prime cause of cancer is toxicity, which is also a myth. The vast majority of cancers are caused by viral infections. These include breast, vaginal, vulvar, uterine, cervical, prostate, penile, brain, colon, skin, nasopharyngeal, oropharynx, esophageal, laryngo- pharyngeal, anogenital, bone, bladder, kidney, intestinal, lung, gastric and liver cancers. Also leukemias, lymphomas, insulinomas, leiomyosarcomas, ependymomas, Kaposi’s sarcoma and breast, post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease. There is all sorts of researching proving this in the medical journals and other sources.

Breast cancer is often touted as hereditary although this cancer has been linked to various viral infections such as human papilloma virus, cytomegalovirus, Epstein Barr virus and murine mammary tumor like virus.

Women are often falsely told they tested positive for the BRAC gene meaning they are prone to cancer. Problem with this claim is that the BRAC genes are ANTI-CANCER genes, not cancer promoting genes. It is mutations of these genes generally from viruses inserting their genes in to BRAC gene that lead to the increased risk of breast cancer.

Prostate cancer is another one that is often claimed to be hereditary although there is NO evidence of this. Prostate cancer has been linked to human papilloma virus, BK virus, cytomegalovirus and xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus.

Here are some posts I have done on the subject:

Cancer viruses have been known since 1908 and therefore there has been a lot of research on their role in carcinogenesis. That is why I told you to search Medline. Here is just a small sampling of some of the research studies I have found linking viruses to various cancers.

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Bollinger also made the claim that several cancers are estrogen dependent, such as prostate cancer, which is not estrogen dependent. This cancer is stimulated by a more radical form of testosterone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Estrogen compounds antagonize the DHT.

And coffee enemas are not a good idea. The caffeine still adversely effects the adrenals leading to IMMUNE SUPPRESSION!!! See:

And an example of someone learning the hard way:

Another common myth he repeated is that cancer results from acidity. Acidosis DOES NOT cause cancer. Cancer cells have a more alkaline internal pH than healthy cells, which allows them to survive and thrive. The cancer cells export the acidic protons, also produced by healthy cells, in to the external matrix to maintain their alkalinity. When the proton pumps are blocked the internal pH becomes acidic and the cancer cells die.

Studies have also shown that when healthy cells are made excessively alkaline the healthy cells morph in to cancer cells.

I see Bollinger also brought up Mike Adams ("the Health Ranger") from Natural News. Definitely not someone I would trust with my life. In my opinion Adams is more interested in profits that safety and relies heavily on bogus scare tactic propaganda to push sales. I have tried to correct so much of the misinformation on that site but he has my posts being deleted or hidden since people are not supposed to question his ridiculous claims such as the ones he made about microwave ovens. When I posted a reply with solid evidence his claims were made up my post was deleted and all of a sudden my other posts were being hidden. The way I see things is if a person is telling the truth and they really believe in what they are saying they will not censor replies. The best way to deal with someone questioning your claims is to present solid evidence to your claims so the other person cannot refute it. Problem was that is what I was doing against Mike Adam's claims so instead of addressing what I said my posts were being deleted and hidden by Adams.

I also called him on the bogus claims he was making about the chlorella he was offering and again the post was deleted. I wrote about this in my blog though:

And before people start with the bogus I must be a pharmaceutical shill crap I have been in medicine for 36 years with 24 years of that in holistic medicine. So even though I work in holistic medicine there is still a need to expose bogus holistic claims if holistic medicine is ever going to be taken seriously.

As for cancer, I have been doing serious cancer research including holistic therapies for 34 years and am in the process of putting a book together on holistic cancer therapies. The book discusses what holistic cancer cures have been proven to work such as ozone therapy and many herbs and what is proven quackery such as "oleander soup" and cesium chloride.
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