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Barbara O'Neill on hormone balance
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Barbara O'Neill on hormone balance
More misinformation.

First of all an excess of female hormones DOES NOT cause homosexuality in men. Where does she coming up with such crap?

Next, estrogen IS NOT produced from progesterone. Estrogen is produced from testosterone by the action of aromatase or can be produced from androstenedione, which has DHEA or progesterone as precursors. Pregnenolone, not progesterone is the precursor for DHEA.

And why anyone would call progesterone a "happy hormone" is beyond me. Do women really enjoy their PMS symptoms of depression, agitation, hyperaggression, water retention, etc, which are all caused by elevation in progesterone levels?

Since progesterone can also activate human papilloma viruses linked to numerous cancers including cervical, breast, prostate, skin, etc. that is not a very happy thought either.

And before going any further it needs to be pointed out that there is not a single estrogen. There are 3 forms of estrogen in the human body, and they can have different effects.

Another error is Barbara's claim that progesterone increases sex drive. It is well known that progesterone kills the sex drive and inhibits both sensitivity and orgasm making it a really unhappy hormone. Progesterone compounds are used in the chemical castration of men for this reason and the herb vitex (chaste tree berry) is also used to decrease sexual desire by increasing progesterone.

Post-natal depression IS NOT from a lack of progesterone. It has been linked to the increase in prolactin, which increases milk production. But prolactin is also a potent inhibitor of dopamine leading to the depressive disorder.

At least she got the information about sperm being foreign right, but its survival also has to do with more than just the immune suppressing property. Sperm cannot survive in acidity so the sperm is in an alkaline fluid to neutralize the acidity in the woman's vagina so it can survive to reach the egg. This is also why sperm can throw off a woman's normal pH.

As far as abnormal PAP smears there are various reasons for this including birth control pills, infections, smoking, etc. And the explanation of how sperm leads to this makes no sense at all. First of all sperm would not be alive or remain that long. Secondly, the tissues are much faster to heal that she is claiming. So I would like to see some real research backing her claims.

And depression has NUMEROUS causes including progesterone dominance. I cover this more in depth here:

And here are some other good links on the topic:

Unfortunately there was so much misinformation on hormones put out there when progesterone creams started being pushed and the misinformation just keeps getting repeated over and over.

As form Barbara's claim migraines are from the vasodilating properties of estrogen this also needs to be questioned. For example men can also get migraines. If Barbara's hypotheses were correct then only gay men would get migraines since she incorrectly claims high estrogen levels cause homosexuality in men and also claims that migraines are from high estrogen,

Actually migraines start from strong constriction of the blood vessels around the brain. This leads to an over dilation of the blood vessels by hormones known as prostaglandins. This leads to leaking of the blood vessels causing swelling and pain. If Barbara's hypothesis that estrogen causes blood vessel dilation to cause the migraine then how does she explain the initial blood vessel constriction that starts the migraine? According to her hypothesis there should never be any blood vessel constriction since the elevated estrogen would be keeping the blood vessels relaxed. So just another contradiction in her hypotheses.

Barbara also needs to be made aware that HRT includes progesterone therapy. And ALL progesterones on the market, including the so-called "bio-identical" are synthetic and would therefore be patentable when they were first made. The ONLY reason they cannot be patented now is due to time limitations. Patents have expired on some and when you start sales you have a year to obtain a patent. Since NO progesterone on the market is natural the "cannot patent naturally occurring substances does not apply.

Her information on phytoestrogens is pretty good except for the claim about strength. Phytoestrogens are only 200-400 times weaker than the body's estrogens. And synthetic xenoestrogens can be from 30,000 to 100,000 times stronger than human estrogen depending on the compound. Many are quite stable as well. DDT for example takes 100 years to break down the soil. Therefore, even though it is not being sprayed anymore that does not mean we are not being exposed anymore. Here is more on phytoestrogens:

And not all soft plastics contain plasticizers while some hard plastics, such as polycarbonate can contain bisphenol A (BPA). So you cannot tell if a plastic is safe or not just by whether it is soft or hard.

The role of B6, B9 (folic acid) and B12 in estrogen regulation is from these vitamins being used to form the methyl donor SAMe. Methylation is used in about 4,000 reactions in the body including being used by the liver to break down excess estrogen. I prefer the supplement trimethylglycine (TMG) instead since B6, B9 and B12 are all acid dependent for absorption. Stomach acid levels decline with age though and the use of antacids and proton pump inhibitors ("acid blockers") is rampant. TMG is not limited by low stomach acid and in fact helps to normalize stomach acid levels since this also requires methylation.

If a person is going to use the vitamins they should be taken with something acidic or taken as sublingual tablets. Folate is preferred over folic acid. As for B12 active methylcobalamin is a better choice over inactive cyanocobalamin.

The claim that there is no known toxic dose for progesterone is complete garbage. Again look at the side effects I listed above for progesterone including cancer, loss of libido, inhibited orgasm, depression, etc. Those are not normal and thus when these are created by progesterone dominance this is a toxicity.

As for bone health both estrogen and progesterone work together for bone health. When you create an imbalance such as progesterone dominance then this could possibly lead to bone issues.

Osteoporosis though IS NOT a loss of bone minerals as is often claimed even in the medical industry. Nor does it involve osteoblast or osteoclast activity. Those conditions would be osteopenia or osteomalacia. Osteoporosis is the result of a loss of collagen matrix in bone. This leaves less mineral binding sites in bone. Thus progesterone, nor estrogen work on osteoporosis. The main deficiencies that lead to osteoporosis are silica (in the form of orthosilicic acid) and/or ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

As far as men go elevated progesterone also kills the sex drive in men. Again the reason chaste tree berry (vitex), which increases progesterone has the name chaste tree berry.

In addition a man's estrogen level will be determined by aromatase activity since the estrogen is generated from testosterone by the enzyme aromatase. Therefore, increasing a man's testosterone level does not guarantee a higher testosterone level. If a high aromatase expression is occurring the rise in testosterone will simply increase estrogen levels.

As we can see there is so much more to the issue than simply increasing or decreasing estrogens or progesterone. There are various other hormones, peptides, neuurotransmitters, etc. involved in hormone balance.
05-12-2016 04:49 AM
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