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What do you think about adrenal glandulars?
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What do you think about adrenal glandulars?
I really do not advise glandular at all. The glands are like muscles in the way that they have to be "exercised" to keep them strong and healthy. When we substitute for the glands the glands will actually atrophy (shrink up) making them weaker and can eventually shut them down altogether. We see this all the time when people are on steroids or thyroid medications for example. They can develop a dependence on the steroids or thyroid medication as the medications shut the glands down. Glandulars are no different. They also substitute for the glands causing them to atrophy. For example, I once met a lady who could not get off of the adrenal glandular her naturopathic physician had put her on because every time she tried she would develop severe asthma attacks. Of course we know that asthma is an inflammatory allergic condition, which stems from adrenal dysfunction. Because the glandular atrophied her adrenals she would have rebound attacks every time she tried going off of the glandular.

If people still insist on using a glandular then I advise them to only use small doses of the glandular a couple of times a week and for no longer than two months.

I have only taken a glandular once long before I got in to alternative medicines. It was an adrenal glandular. It made me very hyper for hours then I had a bad crash. That was more than enough for me.
06-23-2012 06:15 PM
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