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Cancer and the failure of Western medicine
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Cancer and the failure of Western medicine
The average survival rate for cancer patients with allopathic therapies has always been considered an average of 2 to 3% for the majority of cancers. An exception is chemotherapy for leukemias and lymphomas involving the use of plant extracts. The chemotherapy drugs Vincristine and Vinblastine are derived the plant Madagascar periwinkle. Success for the treatment of leukemias and lymphomas with these drugs is estimated to be around 80%.

I have an old text book on cancer written for doctors. Even in this book they mention the fact that the chemotherapy kills about 95% of the patients undergoing chemotherapy from malnutrition.

It is pretty interesting that mainstream medicine calls alternatives with higher success rates quackery. Harry Hoxsey for example was getting an 80% success rate for cancer with the formula he used, and it was called quackery. Yet therapies with a 3% or less success rate are not only the standard for allopathic treatment, but they are not considered quackery either.

The success rates claimed for allopathic medicine are actually much lower than they state. If a holistic therapy cures a disease allopathic medicine calls it a "spontaneous remission" or "placebo effect". If we were to apply this same principle to chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery the success rate for allopathic cancer treatment is actually closer to zero. Other factors that contribute to any success by allopathic therapies include changes in diet, use of holistic therapies including positive visualization. Therefore, allopathic therapies do little if anything to control the cancer in most cases.

Ironically all chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy are carcinogens (cancer causing). And people wonder why we are losing the war against cancer.

Another big factor showing that allopathic cancer treatments are quackery is the fact that the 3% or less success rate is based on a 5 year survival rate. The problem with this is that if a person is in remission, and their cancer does not reappear until after the 5 year survival rate the treatment is still considered successful. This can easily occur as some cancers, such as breast cancer, are generally very slow growing. Breast cancer can take up to 10 years to grow to a detectable size. Furthermore, if the original cancer is destroyed but a secondary cancer from metastases or from the carcinogenic activity of the therapy develops the original therapy can still be falsely claimed to have been successful as the original cancer was still destroyed.

A large part of the problem is that allopathic therapies do not address the cause of cancers. Currently viruses are believed to account for up to 30% of cancers. Evidence is growing rapidly though that viruses play a much larger role in the development of cancers. Even the so-called "hereditary cancers" appear to have viral involvement. A report in Discover magazine a while back admitted that ALL oncogenes (genes that cause cancer) that had been found to date were viral, not human, genes. Cancer viruses can induce and promote cancer through a variety of mechanisms including alteration of "human oncogenes". This means though that the "human oncogenes" are not a cause of cancer but rather a co-factor.

Cancer viruses have actually been known since 1908, but the medical establishment has been very slow to accept the research and admit publicly the role of viruses in cancers.

Cancer viruses do not take hold in the body without sufficient immune suppression. Unfortunately, allopathic cancer therapies just kill cells at random including healthy cells. They rarely address the cancer causing viruses. This, and the fact that allopathic therapies are immune suppressing, are the main reasons that cancer almost always comes back within a few years of treatment.
06-18-2012 01:24 AM
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