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Zinc deficiency, thyroid and adrenal problems
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Zinc deficiency, thyroid and adrenal problems
I have been having some pretty frustrating symptoms with my body for the last 10 years and longer. Here are a list of what I have:

-Dry, Brittle hair that is turning gray(I am a 28 year old male)
-very dry skin
-slight eczema
-Sunken looking eyes with bluish dark circles and enlarged oil glands under eyes
-vertical fingernail ridges and white spots(currently about 5 of them)
-Low libido a lot of the time
-wake up fatigued every day
-chronic sinus problems with stuffed up nose and mucous in back of mouth
-brain fog
-dry eyes
-adult acne
-irritability and anxiety
-joint pain in my teens up until now
-I don't have problems with weight

Digestive Problems:
-White coating on back of tongue mostly
-burping immediately after waking up
-burping and indigestion 5-10 minutes after eating
-acid reflux

I eat a healthy diet, no fast food. Exercise regularly. Very little caffeine or coffee.

James, I have read a lot of your writing over the internet. And from what I have learned from people with similar symptoms is that I might have low stomach acid. Here is my theory: I did have plenty of stress during my high school and college days, and from excessive drinking and exercising I developed a zinc deficiency. And from there I was not able to produce sufficient stomach acid? I have taken a multivitamin over the years (Adam from now foods) that I assumed gave me enough nutrients to recover from a deficiency but after reading over your information I am taking single supplements of l-opti-zinc, a b 50, as well as tmg with some betaine hcl. Is there a possibility I just wasn't absorbing any nutrients at all from the multi?

Would you say that supplementing with these might be the solution to all my symptoms being as no stomach acid means little of any nutrients absorbed? Judging by my symptoms could there be problems with adrenals and thyroid as well? Any further changes in supplementing or adding that you think could help?


I've decided that my main focuses would be to help my thyroid and adrenals as well as low stomach acid. Here is a list of what I'm taking:

-James' thyroid tonic ( not sure if I'm hypo or hyper)
-adrenal formula of reishi, schizandra, cordyceps, and astragalus
-Siberian ginseng extract
-natural source vitamin c
-opti-zinc for low acid
-tmg 1000mg 3x a day
-b50 once a day

Do you think I have hypothyroidism judging by my symptoms and are there any other possibilities for illnesses. Could food allergies be the cause of my symptoms or a result of my problems?
02-03-2014 12:13 PM
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