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Root Canal help
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Root Canal help
Hi James (and everyone!),

I have had my two front (dead) teeth treated with root canal surgery three times each in the last 15 years since I first needed them. (They were never sure why my teeth died, they thought previous trauma from years prior). I still have a not so great sensation in one of the teeth (which incidentally is also stained a dark grey color which none of the dentists nor root canal specialist - forget the name for that right now- could figure out what it was from, nor did any bleaching or white fillings ever get rid of it for more than a few days) which I let my last (expensive specialist) doctor know about. He said the infection was definitely gone (apparently X-rays can show that??) so he thought that maybe the bone had grown over into the other dead tooth and formed a bridge since I am missing buffer tissues in there now (between the teeth). He said it may always feel 'funny' because of that esp. after grinding my teeth (which I may do sometimes, however my front teeth don't touch my bottoms, not without so really contorted movements on my part which I have to doubt I do in my sleep but who knows) and he could try to break it by twisting my tooth but it would grow back and also my tooth could break and I would need a replacement.

So I opted to not do anything about it. That was about 2 -3 yrs ago now and I wonder if it is still infected or not and if it might contribute to what feels like a chronic low grade sinus infection and ear infection as well as having general lowered immunity to whatever winter bug is in the air.

I read your old posts on cure zone about using ozone therapy (though I am still not very clear on that therapy and esp about what machines to buy and the cost or how to use them or if there are places to go to get treatments) and also about using chaparral and pau d'arco either with or without the ozone. (I do have those herbs). I wasn't clear on how much to take (you said high doses), or if that could really clear an infection in the roots once they were sealed up.

I understand I may need to get retreatments on these root canals every so many years (this doctor said it should last 15 but I am skeptical) but my only other options are getting implants (expensive and possibly may not take? I don't know much about them still) or a bridge (can damage the teeth holding it so they may also die and they are hard to clean). I don't like how the tooth looks and would like to do something (veneers are not an options since it's too thin to add one too as they would have to shave it more and it would crack) but mostly I am concerned about my health and I had forgotten to mention this when I mentioned all the other things I was struggling with. I have no idea if this is an underlying cause or not. Also concerned about how many x-rays I had to my head from all of those visits (a lot!).

Could you tell me what you would advise in this case? And if you know about implants verses root canals? (Since they are my very front teeth I can't just take them out without replacing.. well I COULD but would not want to! Since I don't want to talk with a whistle for the rest of my life and make babies (and adults) cry when I smile. LOL. Smile). .

Thank you!!!
12-26-2013 12:52 PM
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