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Bad Reaction to Very Small Doses of Iodine
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Bad Reaction to Very Small Doses of Iodine
Hi James,

Can you think of any of reason I would react very badly to small doses of iodine? I've never heard of anyone reacting the way I do...

I'm not talking the insane amounts recommended over at the curezone board, but 150mcg of Kelp. I get the same reaction from every source of iodine I try (different brands of kelp, iodized salt, etc.) What happens is this: low body temp, less saliva, less appetite, headaches, feel generally bad, etc). Positives are: I sweat more easily and there is a temporary feeling of mental energy that goes away.

I've been dealing with some health problems, namely a sluggish mental energy. I don't think I'm hypothyroid as my pulse and temps are good and so are my tests.

The curezone folks (Trapper, et al) of course said: "more iodine, more co-supps", "gets worse before it gets better", "the worse the initial reaction the more it is implicated", "detoxing heavy metals", etc.

And a doctor I consulted suggested that it might mean I am deficient, as it suggests reactive hypothyroidism due to deficiency. I eat little seafood and no processed food, don't use iodized salt, don't even take a multi, so it's possible...

Do you have any ideas? Think I should ride the tough times out?

Thank you so much for the work you do. I've read so many of your posts here and at your old curezone board. I want to try your Adrenal Tonic supplement, but again, the kelp scares me.
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11-09-2013 06:59 PM
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