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How to Taper and Detox from Opiates (esp. Methadone)
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RE: How to Taper and Detox from Opiates (esp. Methadone)
(09-29-2013 09:45 AM)Gen129 Wrote:  Hi James,

I have someone close to me, who is on methadone. He wants to get off, and has been weaning down for quite some time now. He's really going through torture. You mentioned in a thread on Curezone (same link as below) about a formula you made for people to help them get off methadone. Is there any more info you could give on this?

Because of the toxicity of the one herb I don't post the ingredients publicly. This should only be done under supervision.

But they can use DL-phenylalanine (DLPA) and herbs such as bupleurum to help increase dopamine levels. Both need to be taken on an empty stomach and it will take a few weeks to build up.

If they have access to ozone therapy this can also help greatly as it normally takes about 8 months to get methadone out of the system. The ozone can break down the methadone in the body allowing the body to produce its own painkiller dopamine in sufficient levels faster.

This link is a really good link where you gave advice for someone who was already off heroin and trying to rebuild. What about someone who is tapering? I'm assuming they could build adrenals and nervous system to help with stress, strengthen and clean their liver, what about TMG, etc.?

Yes, this would still be a good idea. Supporting the adrenals and nervous system is always a good idea. Bupleurum will also help with cleansing the liver and TMG will help with neurotransmitter production.

Magnesium salts such as magnesium malate or citrate also help calm the nervous system.

DLPA or L-Tyrosine would probably be a waste/pointless, until completely off the opiate? Also, Is there any herbs or foods that would be contraindicated while still on opiates?

I would still go on these. If he has been already weaning off the methadone his body is likely trying to produce some dopamine to make up for the deficit, so I would try and support that.

What are your thoughts on detox baths or FIR Sauna for opiate detoxing? Charcoal or Clay poultices, as well?

I don't like charcoal or clay. A detox bath with peroxide may help since peroxide does absorb through the skin and can oxidize the methadone. But people coming off of methadone are so highly sensitive to pain stimuli a bath is not likely to feel very good. Same with the far IR. I personally would stick to internal detoxification such as with the herbs bupleurum, chaparral, red clover blossom and hydrangea root.

Thanks a lot James, my loved one is really suffering.

Good luck. Methadone is very difficult to kick. I have read in some of my medical books that the government considers it impossible to come off of methadone. This is due to the long time it takes to get back out of the system. As long as it is in the body it suppressed dopamine production. Without dopamine or a substitute pain is extremely amplified and the person can become very sick. Very few people have been successful in kicking methadone because it is virtually impossible for a person to go through 8 months of this torture.

Ironically, methadone is more addictive than heroin, which the government often substitutes with methadone as a "treatment" for heroin addiction. They substitute a drug that takes 8 months to clear from the system for a drug that is rapidly cleared from the system. This is a big money maker for the government and keeps many of Americas small towns alive financially. After all they are creating life-long customers for this highly addictive drug.
10-03-2013 06:34 PM
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