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Can You Reply to These Points Please James?
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RE: Can You Reply to These Points Please James?
(09-04-2013 02:16 AM)James Wrote:  
(09-02-2013 03:17 AM)Robynmc Wrote:  Hi

Doug Graham (80 10 10 diet) answers questions in a forum on I remember you had laid out several arguments against Doug's points. Can you clarify some of the points raised there. This is the original post with your points posted
and if you scroll down the replies are underneath that post.

thanks for your help James

Posted responses. But it looks like "Dr. Graham" is not interested in backing up his claims with the evidence he claims he has. Instead he wants me to provide the evidence to my claims debunking his claims. That is not the way that things work. It is up to the original claimant to back their claims. What I pointed out are well known facts in medicine and I also pointed out a contradiction in his claims that he is refusing to address as well. So I put up a post directly to him to see if he will back his claims and explain his discrepancy. As I pointed out if he really knows what he is talking about he should have no problem addressing what I have said and presenting that medical research he claims to have to back his claims.

I am not going to take the time to look up and post medical research proving what is already well known in medicine over all of his bogus claims. There are just too many bogus claims to address and it would be really time consuming. That is why my response to him only addressed a few of his claims so we can start by addressing these first. I will see if he even bothers to respond with the evidence he claims to have. If not then in my mind that will just prove that he never had any evidence to begin with.

Thanks James! Really appreciate it. Totally agree with you. If what he says is true he wouldn't hesitate to post proof and back up his claims. I doubt you will get a worthy response. We shall see ...

thanks again
09-04-2013 04:47 AM
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