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Rectal Insufflation - Please explain your method
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RE: Rectal Insufflation - Please explain your method
Quote:I thought I read you saying on Curezone that it's alright to do ozone and chemo as long as you have some spacing between the two?

Yes, as long as there is enough spacing to allow all the chemo to get out of the system before doing the ozone. The ozone can also help with the damage to the healthy tissue caused by the chemotherapy.

The problem is that there are so many different forms of chemotherapy so there will be different rates of elimination. Since the elimination rates are not always known it is easier to just wait until he is done.

Doesn't ozone breakdown toxins such as chemo and would therefore be a good thing? The chemo he's taking are Oxaliplatin, a platinum based drug, and Fluorouracil, a pyrimidine analog antimetabolite. He takes them by infusion once a week. Do you know the elimination rates of these drugs and whether they have any bad chemical reactions with ozone?

Quote:I was thinking more along the lines that, as cancer cells are slowly dying, the immune system "attacks" them, which can create temporary inflammation or swelling. This inflammation even if temporary might be dangerous for patients with lung cancer, brain cancer, any cancer of the digestive tract, cancer of the bile duct and a few other situations where there is a life-threatening blockage (e.g. the tumor is pressing on a vital organ or is obstructing the flow of fluids). Is there no danger of this happening in the case of my friend's cancer which originated from the colon and has metastasized to the liver?

I really do not see it as being a problem. The cancer cells are actually rapidly destroyed by the ozone. The only inflammation would be from the uric acid formed, which is actually an antioxidant. The uric acid can be converted in to urea and eliminated provided he maintains drinking enough water.

Something that may settle your mind better though is that I have seen several people use ozone to treat their brain tumors without these issues. And the brain would be more susceptible to your hypothesis since the brain does not have the room to expand from inflammation.

Thank you so much James! I am so relieved to hear that.

BTW what happens to the dead cancer cells inside a tumor that are killed by ozone? Do they leach out from the tumor and get eliminated through the urine and bowels or do they remain inside the tumor? If they remain inside the tumor, will they not cause an infection?

And more questions...

Quote:What things would you recommend to prevent the possible problem of too much cancer cell die-off?

Start out slow with the ozone when he finally starts and have him drink plenty of water throughout the day. He will likely have flu-like symptoms for the first few days when he starts on the ozone, which is in part from the increased interferon activity. But the initial cell die-off can also contribute. So when he is feeling ill after the treatments maybe stick to one treatment a day and again plenty of water. When the flu-like symptoms disappear then start increasing the number of treatments daily with no more than 3 daily. At no more than 20 minutes there will not be enough cancer cell death to be a problem as long as he drinks plenty of water.

How much water is plenty enough? I read somewhere about how to calculate the amount of water to drink: Divide your weight by two, and that's the total number of ounces of water to drink daily. For example, if your weight is 160 pounds then you need to drink 80 ounces (160 divided by 2) of water a day. If a glass is 8 ounces then that would be 10 glasses of water a day. What do you think of this?

BTW if ozone reacts with water to form hydrogen peroxide, isn't ozonated water just water with hydrogen peroxide in it? If so, then wouldn't it be simpler and easier to just put a little hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water and drink it?

Quote:If he drinks plenty of nettle leaf tea through the day though this will not only provide a lot of nutrition, it will also keep uric acid and inflammation levels down.

Thanks for the tip! Nettle leaf is great. It has so many uses.

Isn't it more effective to take nettle leaf directly as a powder rather than as a tea? I'm afraid the heat of the boiling water might destroy the nutrients.

Oh, and how much nettle leaf a day? Is nettle leaf like turmeric in that it is hard to overdose on it, and so you can take a lot of it?

BTW would you also recommend B vitamins (B complex)? If so, is B-100 good or should he take B-50 instead? (If B-100, the tablet may need to be split into two doses.)

Thanks again!
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