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Rectal Insufflation - Please explain your method
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RE: Rectal Insufflation - Please explain your method
(05-25-2013 02:06 AM)mtl777 Wrote:  
(05-22-2013 07:04 PM)James Wrote:  If he is on chemo he would be better off skipping the ozone altogether for right now. One problem is that ozone destroys many substances. The ozone can destroy many chemotherapy drugs as well and possibly alter others chemically.

I thought I read you saying on Curezone that it's alright to do ozone and chemo as long as you have some spacing between the two?

Yes, as long as there is enough spacing to allow all the chemo to get out of the system before doing the ozone. The ozone can also help with the damage to the healthy tissue caused by the chemotherapy.

The problem is that there are so many different forms of chemotherapy so there will be different rates of elimination. Since the elimination rates are not always known it is easier to just wait until he is done.

In addition, as I mentioned earlier I am concerned that if eh dies from the chemotherapy they will blame the ozone instead if he is doing it at the same time.

Quote:Also, is there a risk of causing so much inflammation due to cancer cell die-off at the tumor site (mets to the liver) that might create a potentially fatal blockage of fluids?

No. In fact, inflammation is the result of increased circulation. Inflammatory prostaglandins dilate blood vessels to increase circulation. The over dilation of the blood vessels though make them permeable causing them to leak leading to the inflammation.

I was thinking more along the lines that, as cancer cells are slowly dying, the immune system "attacks" them, which can create temporary inflammation or swelling. This inflammation even if temporary might be dangerous for patients with lung cancer, brain cancer, any cancer of the digestive tract, cancer of the bile duct and a few other situations where there is a life-threatening blockage (e.g. the tumor is pressing on a vital organ or is obstructing the flow of fluids). Is there no danger of this happening in the case of my friend's cancer which originated from the colon and has metastasized to the liver?

I really do not see it as being a problem. The cancer cells are actually rapidly destroyed by the ozone. The only inflammation would be from the uric acid formed, which is actually an antioxidant. The uric acid can be converted in to urea and eliminated provided he maintains drinking enough water.

Something that may settle your mind better though is that I have seen several people use ozone to treat their brain tumors without these issues. And the brain would be more susceptible to your hypothesis since the brain does not have the room to expand from inflammation.
05-28-2013 04:53 AM
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