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Estrogen Dominance w/ Low Estrogen
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Estrogen Dominance w/ Low Estrogen
James, if a woman has estrogen dominance with low actual levels of estrogen, how do the symptoms differ from just plain estrogen dominance? Would there be a lesser cancer risk because there is less estrogen? Would there be energy or serotonin issues? Or is the fact that estrogen is dominant more important than the actual levels?

For gastritis, would the gel that is created when I cook flax seeds work like slippery elm? I have tree allergies, so I have to take querticin with the slippery elm. The flax would be cheaper and simpler for me.

If cooked food is easier to digest than raw food, why does raw food seem to digest so much more easily for me? I hold water with cooked food, but do not with raw. I thought maybe if it were a thyroid issue, the lack of fiber in cooked foods prevented things from moving well through the system. I also read about the enzymes in raw food being helpful- but you say this is ultimately a stomach acid issue. What do you mean? What is the connection between stomach acid and enzymes? I have kefir at meals- does this suffice to address any acid issues?

Finally, after a bad night of sleep a nap can really help me from getting overtired, and I sleep much better that night. But, I can wake with a terrible headache (I usually take a 1-1.5 hr nap). It is throbbing at the top of my head. Could this be because of weak adrenals not giving me enough of the wake-up hormone cortisol? I have tried:

eating sweet fruit for carbs/sugar
going on my treadmill to bring up the cortisol
going outside
drinking a quart of water in case it is from dehydration
having calcium d-glucarate in case estrogen is feeding a migraine
magnesium malate
extra strength tylenol (does nothing)

If it is a migraine (not sure how I would tell), I guess some of the above could actually make it worse. How would you approach it?

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08-21-2012 04:16 PM
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