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Help Me Fix DH!
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Help Me Fix DH!
Hi James,

Okay, I started this discussion on the other forum. To recap, summer of 2005 my husband developed this weird cluster of symptoms. Bloating, constipation, dry mouth, painful teeth (that's probably from the dry mouth) and peripheral neuropathy in his feet.

We have been to every doctor under the sun. He did finally have a positive diagnosis of gastritis, but that wasn't until this year. That's when he finally had an upper scope done, not just a colonoscopy. We have seen a rheumatologist, an allergy specialist, of course the gastroenterologist, and even a cancer doctor b/c his wbc was down. That guy was a real prince, let me tell you.

Sjoren's, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, have all been ruled out. So has lupus, MS, major food allergies (although I doubt that one.)

He is currently on the Sucrafate, but only for the last month or so. It was to help the gastritis, and I don't think our doc wanted him on it forever. He has been on Levothyroxine forever, and has to take something forever. What would you recommend to replace the Levothyroxine? He did not do well on Armour, btw.

Interesting you should mention the aminos in our previous conversation, because I was planning on getting to that. I am reading a book called The Mood Cure, and that's what she recommends. Thanks for that.

What do you recommend for dry mouth? Would the bitters help with that? He chews gum constantly, and we know the fake sugars aren't helping matters at all. Chewing sugar gum is no better of an option.

Am I correct about the Nizoral contributing to low-T and therefore dry mouth?

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.

08-11-2012 04:17 PM
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