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Thyroid question
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RE: Thyroid question
So if i am understanding your right, it may be her hormones that is the primary cause of her hyperthyroidism here? Now that it's obvious that antibodies weren't the real issue (only iodine induced this and now antibodies are gone after she ceased taking small amounts of lugol - luckily she only took tiny amounts, and so seems her thyroid was able to resolve the antibodies once iodine was ceased).

Would then focusing on estrogen balancing be the key in getting her body kick started again? ie possibly the missing link in her recovery! or was coming off ERT only masking an already weak thyroid? In other words, would her hyperthyroidism be primarily a thyroid dysfunction issue or is it a secondary issue associated with her hormones?She's been off ERT for over 5 years now.

She's slowly working on adrenals but i sense her hormones also need work as the missing link here but not sure she would only be masking another underlying problem. Absolutely ALL of her symptoms seem to have started once she got off the ERT.

Not sure how to help her, as I'm not sure if it's her thyroid that is the primary cause and so she should focus on this or whether it's her low hormone levels that is the underlying cause of her thyroid to go haywire and thus resulting in dry mouth, nose etc. Or are her thyroid issues are a stand alone problem? (sorry for repeating myself here) You see, she won't take anything for estrogen balancing unless she thinks it's going to help her thyroid and dry eyes etc, as she's already on a lot supplements for her adrenals and low Vit D.

I know there is a cascading effect when one thing goes wrong, but an underlying cause is great to know so i can explain it to her about how things work. Any ideas for a plan of action would be appreciated, especially with how to move forward with the hyperthyroidism issue.

Muchisimas gracias again!
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