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Dear James,

When you speak about gastritis, you speak about the stomach needing acid to kill the pathogens. The only acidic things that do not hurt my stomach right now are kefirs and orgainic yogurts, and I try to have some with each meal. Is that enough? Things like vinegar, lemon juice, certain fruits, and spices hurt right now.

I read that fat is very irritating to the stomach when you are trying to heal from gastritis- is that all fat? Clearly animal fat is a problem due to the Omega-6's regardless of gastritis. What about nuts...nut butters? I read that olive oil actually encourages the healing of the stomach lining. What is the truth about fat here?

I read of people who seem to have cleared up ulcers without any Rx or herbal antibiotic use. Is that possible by just giving the stomach a break (more fasting) and soothing it with slippery elm or aloe vera? Or, if it is of a viral or bacterial nature, will it just return?

I also had a hormone question. It is in a previous thread that I think got buried, so if you eventually see that one, please ignore....

If my liver is not working well could this chain of events happen due to poor liver function?:

1. I ingest a good amount of phytoestrogens with milk thistle and dandelion root.
2. While these block the stronger estrogens at the receptor sites, those stronger estrogens still need to be processed through the liver- which isn't working very well.
3. There is a net effect of an increase in estrogens in the body- phytoestrogens + my normal estrogen.
4. While the dandelion root and milk thistle enhance my liver function, I need a much stronger clearing effect to lesson my body's estrogen load.
5. When ovulation comes, I pass my threshold for estrogen clearing and I feel worse with the dandelion and milk thistle than if I don't have those phytoestrogens in my body.

Is this possible? Or would my normal estrogens only effect me if they are on recpetors? That is, can they be floating around in my body and not affect anything?

Thank you!
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07-21-2012 06:24 AM
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