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RE: kefir
(07-16-2012 06:05 AM)JC73 Wrote:  Why does kefir cuase me yo have GERD?The only thing I can think of is the sugar in the commercial kefir..... or is it something else?

It is most likely the sugar in the kefir. Commercial kefirs tend to have a higher sugar content added for flavoring. Otherwise the kefir would be rather tart from the acids. That sugar can be fermented in the stomach leading to gas formation that in turn can lead to reflux.

I generally let my commercial kefirs sit in the fridge for at least a couple of weeks to allow more of the sugar to be fermented. This will form gases that expand the bottle so it is a good idea to open the bottle once in a while to release the gas.
07-18-2012 01:55 AM
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