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James I read this about Nettle online.
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James I read this about Nettle online.
Dried Nettle Loses Its Sting

Although the thought of eating the leaves of a stinging plant might raise your eyebrows, many people who are familiar with nettle's rich content of chlorophyll, iron, manganese, potassium, boron, calcium, proteins, and vitamins A and C gather the herb during the spring -- wearing gloves, of course -- and steam it for a potherb. Nettle's irritating hairs lose their noxious properties once the plant is cooked or dried. And, according to Michael Moore, author of "Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West," dried and powdered nettle leaves make a much better green food than spirulina or chlorella.

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He there says it's a much better green food than both Spirulina and Chlorella! Which are very hyped up and for sales pitches alot of times, yet you hardly hear about Nettle! Would this be true and should I buy powdered Nettle which is alot cheaper and use this over the more expensive Spirulina and Chlorella they market and sell? I want to know your thoughts on Nettle and is it really much better?

I have read over time it can cause Electrolite imbalance and on the other side of things some say it is used long term for the adrenals! So which is it? I want to use a green everyday and wonder if this or Alfalfa would be better? I know you said there is alot better forms of fatty acids than Chlorella etc. before, so would it be best to go cheaper and get more benefits or go with marketing hype?

More on it, seems like a great herb but at what dosage can I use the powder daily? I used to use one teaspoon and felt little! Can I use more than that and if so how much and how often James?
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