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Kit Campbell
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Kit Campbell
The following is a post I did on an YouTube Video about Candida. There was a response from a lady named Kit Campbell, who clearly has a lot to learn about medicine and human physiology.

After she posted claiming I was wrong I checked out her site and it was so full of bogus information including she was supporting the use of sodium bicarbonate ingestion as a cancer treatment apparently not realizing that this can not only increase the risk of cancer but also promote existing cancers. Therefore I posted a comment on her blog explaining the reason this practice does not cure cancer but can cause and promote cancer. Of course she immediately deleted the evidence proving her wrong and my comment proving her wrong on Markus' Candida video also proving her wrong was also deleted.

Since Campbell cannot debate the facts and chooses censorship to hide evidence proving her wrong I am reposting my response here to prevent future censorship of the facts:

Here we go with my responses being erased again because some people are so scared of the truth being revealed. These people can run scared and keep playing this game and I will just keep reposting my responses. This time I am going to post all this on my site as well as a back up to make sure it does not get erased or censored like the comment I posted on Kit Campbell's site. She sent me a response to my post pointing out so many of her errors, but my message was not approved for the public to see.

+Kit Campbell: "Glad to see my research is being 'seen', however, some points or 'facts' that were raised in this video discussion, are incorrect "

If you think something is incorrect then address it, but also back your claims with some real evidence.

+Kit Campbell: "Candida is DI-MORPHIC not 'multi-morphic'. There is no growth of arms, just one hyphae."

First of all NOBODY said anything about multi-morphic. I CLEARLY say 22 seconds in to the video that Candida is a dimorphic microbe. Although technically Candida is really a trimorphic microbe as it can actually exist in three states. As a yeast, with hyphae and with pseudo-hyphae.

Your statement "There is no growth of arms, just one hyphae" also shows your lack of knowledge on this subject. First of all hyphae ARE NOT arms, they are small finger like projections that allow microbes that produce them to dig in to surfaces. Secondly, hyphae is plural, not singular. The singular is hypha, which means your statement of "just one hyphae" is contradictory.

+Kit Campbell: "The main action of the candida fungus, i.e. the secretion of a hydrolytic enzyme to break down live organic matter, was not even mentioned."

Candida has its functions in the body such as serving as a food source for the flora and production of some vitamins.

Fungal Candida will secrete hydrolytic enzymes, whos role are actually to allow invasion of tissues and to suppress immune responses.

+Kit Campbell: "Your guest James Sloane, has posted an article (not a medical paper) on his website, titled 'Cancer'. Sadly, there is so much misinformation here."

Unfortunately there are people who don't have the faintest clue what they are talking about that feel they need to claim other people are wrong.

If you did have the faintest clue what you were talking about then why didn't you approve my comment I posted here:

Instead of censoring my comment. The answer is simple. I called you on so much of your BS and you had no way to respond with real evidence because you were so full of crap. Instead you respond to me with an email full of even more crap that I had to address.

People who really know what they are talking about and believe in what they are saying don't hide people's responses. They address the comments with evidence to the contrary backing their claims. The fact that my response to your blog article and previously to the comment here just proves you are desperately trying to hide the truth from the people that you really don't have a clue what you are talking about.

+Kit Campbell: "He also says that he likes to eat rice. Rice is a grain. ALL grains are turned into acetyl alcohol by the body = sugar."

ROTFLMAO!!!!! And the claims just get wilder and wilder. Show us any research study showing that acetyl alcohol (vinyl alcohol) is even produced by the human body in the first place.

And how is the vinyl alcohol that is not even produced in humans supposedly equaling sugar? Hint, sugars can be fermented in to alcohols, but that DOES NOT mean all alcohols or vinyl alcohol are sugar.

+Kit Campbell: "It seems that information like "I highly recommend turmeric" never comes with an explanation as to why turmeric is effective against 'cancer'"

Wow, could it be due to the fact that the topic of the video is Candida, NOT cancer? And no, they ARE NOT the same thing despite what you wrote on your blog article. A basic biology course and some common sense will tell you the differences between Candida and cancer.

In addition, turmeric has multiple means by which it is effective against cancer, which again IS NOT the topic. If you want to read up on the mechanisms by which turmeric helps with cancer such as inducing apoptosis, antioxidant activity, reducing inflammation, killing cancer pathogens, etc. you can find some of this information on my site.

Unfortunately I don't have a copy of my response to Kit Campbell's blog article falsely trying to clam cancer and Candida are the same thing.

This myth was popularized by Tulio Simoncini and many very gullible people fell for this garbage hook, line and sinker because they never bothered to research the facts or at least use some common sense. Cancer cells and Candida cells have some very different properties and using some basic common sense cancer forms in places where Candida never goes in the body.

This is another great example of why I tell people to research the health claims they see. Don't simply accept just because someone claims it in a video or blog article or writes some book. Anyone can make up "facts" and it happens a lot. Especially in medicine. So again, research the claims you hear, even the ones I make. I have no problem with this because I have done very intensive research and I don't generally post on things that I don't feel I cannot back up with the evidence as so many of these scammers do.

As for Simoncini's claim that cancer and Candida are the same thing I am working on a book on holistic cancer therapies. Both what works and what being promoted is pure quackery like the cancer being Candida claim. In fact I have a whole chapter dedicated solely to this blatantly false claim and the quackery being promoted such as ingesting baking soda for cancer, which can actually lead to cancer and promote existing cancers. And I have backed up all my chapters with plenty of medical studies because unlike Kit Campbell I have done the research and know what I am talking about.
02-19-2016 01:36 AM
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